My Skyhawk powered Stingray!!!

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Basementchoppers, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Basementchoppers

    Basementchoppers New Member

    She went form this...
    To this...
    Fun weekend project!!!!


  2. welcome

    welcome to the forum. I'm a native mid towner that now lives in the Millington area. Always liked the original stingray I remeber well when they first started being sold
  3. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Now that is one heck of a sissy bar on that bicycle!

    Cherry ride...
  4. Egor

    Egor Guest

    Hi Terry - Good looking bike, I always wanted to build a Sting Ray. One thing I have saved for the build is a 30 tooth sprocket. As the wheels get smaller you will need a smaller sprocket. That bike would be a good hill climber, it would also be a good trail bike. Have fun, Dave
  5. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    WOW what a fit. I see 0 to 25 in 4 seconds. Cool ride.
  6. wildemere

    wildemere Member

    How does it ride?

    The one I built was scary and it had front brakes.

    After the third near miss and first crash I dismantled it, I never felt comfortable on it anyway.

    Steering is too sensitive/quick, wheels too small for any sized bumps, frame is too small for an adult.

    They get a lot of looks though. Ok for some short low speed rides or as a conversation piece.

    If you want ride it at any speed get some decent brakes on it, a red hot coaster will either lock up or fail completely leaving you where I was last year, with a cheap caliper on a chrome rim and a red hot hub.
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  7. Basementchoppers

    Basementchoppers New Member


    It is for short around town runs, and for a conversation piece. I thought it would also be a great pit bike for swap meets and such. When my son is old enough it will be his and he can decide what to do with it! I really like building bikes and things, and thought form over function was the way to go with this one. Actually that is usually the way I usually build things :whistling:. But never the less, it doesn't need to be wide open everywhere I go, I am a little older and don't need to go super fast (all the time). It's great to be here, and thanks for all the replies. If your ever in Memphis, drop me a line. I live in Mid-town myself!!!!
  8. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    Great build! I bet that little thing moves!
  9. hellhammer

    hellhammer Member

    That's nice, I'm with you Bchopper, tooling around checking out the scenery is more fun than wide open all the time.
  10. gnflyby

    gnflyby Member

    That's nice, you do good work!!!

    DJEEPER Member

    please point me to where you found that sissy bar! how long is it exactly?
  12. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    Man that's pretty cool.
    It's very similar to mine, except mine has fenders, whitewalls, no sissy bar, and a springer front end.
    mine is not scary at all to ride, and i'm only using the stock coaster brake.
    Tons of fun if you ask me...
  13. Basementchoppers

    Basementchoppers New Member

    My buddy Matt and I went for a ride yesterday....
  14. Basementchoppers

    Basementchoppers New Member

    Well, I was able to finish up my tank so I was able to lose the top tank and mount my speedo!!!
  15. yimmie

    yimmie Member

    nice job

    bikes look great. me and a friend biult a 20" ross chopper bike for his daughter. size can make the chopper bike difficult. check out my solution.

  16. Basementchoppers

    Basementchoppers New Member

    Mine handles great! but I like what you did with yours....
  17. kidricer

    kidricer New Member

    Rad bikes!

    I find myself viewing this thread often and just wanted to say that the little choppers look great. The best part, they just scream fun! I recently picked up a krate and lookin' forward to slappin' a motor on it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    -kidricer :punk:
  18. Basementchoppers

    Basementchoppers New Member

    Kidricer, Thanks

    Hey thanks man, means a lot that you got some inspiration from our builds. I just picked up a 20" NOS tank for the stingray. I got some matched paint and am going to paint the frame and forks to match. I'll post some pictures when I'm done! Check out my blog if you like stuff like this.....

    Thanks again