My Soon To Be Dyno Roadster

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Fulltimer, Aug 28, 2010.

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    I'll be picking it up over Labor Day weekend. The plan is to strip it down and then have it powder coated. The guy that owns it thinks he can get me some new decals for it. The rims have 200 spokes so I might sell them and get something with 36 spokes. Just not sure yet.


  2. Fulltimer

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    What I want to do is make it resemble an old motorcycle. Some light weight black saddle bags, the old style fenders that come down over the tires a little. Stuff like that. Any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated! Two things that will GO AWAY right off are the rims and the handle bar.

    So, lets get discussing ideas and get them hashed out.

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    What kind of engine drive/attachment are you going to use?

    How about brakes?

    Are you going all out or is this a budget project?

    How fast do you wanna go?
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    If You are going to be getting rid of those handlebars, I will buy them when You are ready to part with them.

  5. Fulltimer

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    It will be a frame mount with my 2 cycle.

    Coaster brakes in the back and disc in the front.

    I'm not spending a ton on it. The build will be spread out some. Speed isn't that important to me...25 to 30MPH. But I do want to climb hills when I take it out of Florida.

    The rims will have to go for sure. Too many spokes.

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    I'll try to remember that. They are going for sure. When I start a build thread put something in it about you wanting it. The first that goes is the memory after all! Now, what was I saying.......

  7. FUlltimer,

    Here's one that I did called the Andian. I found a set of saddle bags at Wal Mart in the motorcycle section. They're handlebar bags. I got the fenders off the bay, as well as the fuel tank. You can't go wrong with the Husky bicycles wheels. I've got an 11 gauge spoke rear with a Sturmey ARcher front drum set up. I like the look of it.

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    Sharp looking bike! I'll assume that "Sturmey Archer" is a brand name of brakes. Bear with me people I just don't know anything about bike any more. The last bike I had was in 1966!!:grin5: I see a lot of terms used on here that are Greek to me. I never thought about Walmart having saddle bags. I'll check them out.

    I picked up the Dyno Roadster over the weekend. Round trip was 1,610 miles! Some of that was off roading in my Jeep though. A bunch of us got together in Lousy-Anna! Some people call it Louisiana.

    The real bummer is that I still can't pedal the bike! I was sure the peddles would be far enough from the seat to allow me to pedal. No such luck. But the seat and frame is low enough that I can stand up without the seat even hitting my butt. Foot power directly to the ground!!:devilish:

  9. Yup, Sturmey Archer X-FD drum brake. You can check out Husky bicycles' wheels. They're really good, I think.

    Check out at Wal Mart where they have the motorcycle helmets. That's where they had the bags. ONce you get the engine on your bike, you might like the seating arrangement. You won't wind up pedaling much more except to get it going. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. This is a great bunch of guys and gals.

    Enjoy that bike!
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    Oh I do intend on have a lot of fun with it! BTW, it is 7' 6" long altogether. I plan on doing away with the back 200 spoke wheel for a 36 spoke one. I think I'll keep the front one though. Everything will be powder coated black. On the sides of the gas take it will say "BLACK HAWK, JR". My Jeep is called Black Hawk.

  11. Here's a set of fenders that I've considered using at some point. I think they'd look great on a motorized bike!

    Please be sure to keep us informed with pictures as you progress!

    Ebay item # 350389540034
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    So far all I have done is get the ridiculous (for me only) ape bars off and the front fender. I noticed that the tires have raised white letters that say "Dyno Super Slick". Is that what came on these bikes?