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Well, I wanted a fun project to kill some time and I've always wanted a chopper, so here we go.... Spoiler new in box delivered for $409. Engine and stingray chopper extras (Sproket adapter, engine mount and chopper muffler) from livefastmotors. The picture is the bike half built with a extra back wheel from a bike that I found at the dump (reason for this to follow). Nothing like a new toy to make you feel 10 yrs old!


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Stingray does not equal spoiler

First hurdle/s. When ordering the extra stingray items (sproket adapter, engine mount and muffler) I assumed they would work on the spoiler, which is a stingray, but not the regular stingray (I think). Or does it go by year? Anyway, the sproket adapter and engine mount don't work with my bike. Don't know about the muffler just yet. As for the sproket adapter, my bike has a disk brake so the adapter does not slide in due to the disk brake mount (see picture of red rim below). I took the disk brake off the rear hub and notice that there is the possibility to install the sproket directly to where the disk brake was, I would just have to drill holes into the sproket. I later spoke to Jim of livefast and he told me that people have done this. Anybody?? Well, I don't know about this idea. To me the thread on the disk mount and the screws that go along with it look a little flimsy and I don't see a way to upgrade them. This will be plan B. I decide to search for a rear hub that will work with the sproket adapter as it is a really solid piece of equipment. After wasting lots of time searching for the d@mn hub, I was ready to go with plan B 'cause I couldn't find one anywhere. So I go on a routine dump run and to my wicked surprise I find the "right" stingray sitting in the metals pile. A bit rusty, but it was free for the taking and it had the correct hub to fit the sproket adaptor. (see pictures of the silver rim below). Firs hurdle, jumped. I have a feeling it won't be the only one.....


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this is how i set up my spoiler wheel. yip you have to deal with the disk brake or get rid of it.


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No more disk brake - Motor placement

IW you are correct. I forgot to mention that. Once you put the sproket on the left side of the hub no more rear disk brake. Who needs brakes anyway... I'm thinking that I might be able to use the regular type brakes that are on the bike that I found at the dump, but I don't even want to think about that now cause that's going to be another mess.

I checked out your set-up pictures many times and you did and increadible job. I specially like your engine placement, out of the way. It seemed to me that your project requires skills that I don't have so I went with what I thought would be easier (ha!).

Talking about engine placement: The engine mount I bought doesn't exactly work as it's supposed to on the Spoiler. It is desinged to be anchored to the frame around the pedals but due to the shape of my frame it does not work. (picture of my frame on first post) It looks fine on the stingray (Below is a picture) but I'm actually sort of glad that it doesn't work on mine because the motor would look kind of funny sitting in front of the bike by the pedals on such a long frame. Since I'm going to have to get creative with the moutning no matter what, I'm going to stick it where I want, and that place is under the seat (picture to come). If you are wondering why I'm dealing with an engine mount, you have to realize that the motor for these bikes has to sit off center to the left of the frame to accomodate the four inch wide rims. Unless you want to weld extra frame to the bike, you will have to deal withs some sort of engine mount. IMHO


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Check out barry0070_70_0 on eBay. He makes a motor mount specifically for the Spoiler. He can save you a lot of headaches I'm sure.

you have to drill two holes for the mount. be careful. i would not drill into the frame tube. this bike is aluminum (heat treated) and if it cracks you will pay big time fixing it (unlike steel).
Engine mount

Thanks you guys for the tips. IW, I didn't know that the frame is Aluminum, thanks. I really didn't like the idea of drilling holes and I saw enough pictures in here to get a good idea of how to solve the problem using clamps. Below are pictures of where I've decided to place the engine and the motor mount from below (notice off center location of engine). What I've decided to do is cut the piece of the engine mount that was meant to be clamped to the front/pedal post (picture below, piece to be cut off is between my fingers) and screw this to the back part of the mount so that I can clamp it to the seat post. I'll attach pictures as I'm doing so that it makes more sense.


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Bending carburator pipe

Of course it was not going to be as easy as I described in prior post. The carburator does not fit in the engine location described. I think the best thing for me to do is bend the little tube that the carburator attaches to (carb manifold?) off to the side a bit (see lousy picture below). The good news it that since the engine is mounted off center, the carburator is already to the side a bit from under the frame, so the carburator mounting tube wouldn't have to be bent very much. Has anybody done this? Any suggestions?


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Is there a fabrictaing place nearby? Maybe they could make one for you. Too bad you don't live closer, I would make an offsert one for you.