My sprocket wont spin. Help a newbie out.

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by fiveofakind, May 10, 2008.

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    Hello everyone, I have been reading the posts and cant seem to find an exact answer. I just bought a 70cc 2stroke motor kit from livefastmotors. It has taken me forever to get the bike set up. If anything could have gone wrong in the build up, it did. The biggest problem I am having now is my sprocket associated with the clutch is completely jammed. I have read the post and know they will take a little force to start moving, but I think its a bit more than that. I read that I should take the spark plug out and the side panel off. I did that. I was able to get it to rotate a few times, but once I finished the build, nothing was moving. What should my clutch be doing as I pull its handle? I can tell that the cable is hooked up just fine, but shouldn't it affect the sprocket some how? I am sorry I am so new and these questions may seem like no-brainers to you guys. After 3 days of hard work and racking my own brain, I felt I should probably ask the experts.


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    how much force have you put on the clutch and does the clutch move in and out as you pull the handle ?

    have you got spark ?
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    I have not yet tried to put any oil/gas mixture into the motor. I thought because the back wheel was more or less locked up that I should wait to have that taken care of before I actually attempt to ride it. As for how much force have I put on the clutch, I completely pull back on it and attempt to move the back wheel, it moves but only 1 or 2 chain links at a time. I am use to working on bikes. I have a fleet of fixed gear conversions and track bikes. I'm a little out of my element. Thanks for your reply. I could shoot a video of my problem and post it on youtube if you guys think that might help.
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    yes that would help :)

    remember to comment as you go and be very detailed.
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    On my build. A kings motors kit.
    My drive sprocket was to poorly made to use. My chain was painted also.
    I ground the sides of the drive sprocket until it worked.
    I finally got tired of fussing with it and bought a DAX drive sprocket. and Two bmx chains.

    The dax drive sprocket needed to be ground on slightly.
    the hole was too small (dremel)
    The keyway was too small (dremel)
    The length of one bmx chain is too small you need two.
    No problems since i switched.

    To check for a chain jam and to add some pre-start up oil to your engine.
    Remove the plug.
    Remove the right cover.
    Remove the chain. You may have a JAMMED chain. Very hard to remove the chain as you can not spin the engine easily. Work the chain free with a screwdriver.
    Dont break your new engine.
    Place a small quantity of oil in the sparkpkug hole, about a teaspoon .
    Carefully try to spin the engine with the drive sprocket using a wrench .
    Does the engine spin?

    I would buy a DAX engine next time. I know I will!
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  7. OKay.. I got some bandwidth eating stuff going on within my computer right now so I only saw your video in frame spurts. I didn't see you pull in your clutch when you were trying to turn things.
    Take the bike off your stand (very nice stand,btw),get on it,pull in your clutch and roll.
    Does it roll?
    Sorry for sounding Romper Room but to start these bikes you roll off with clutch in and release your clutch while moving.
    It's gonna be stiff when it's still new.
    Make sure your clutch is adjusted so that you have only a little clutch play (like 1 or 2 millimeters of play) with the lever out so that insures your clutch is all the way depressed when you pull your clutch lever in AS MUCH AS IT WILL GO.
    I love that bike color.
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    Thanks so much. So you're saying the bike is fine? I just need to take it out side, pull the clutch in, attempt to roll it, and it should work? Again, I am so sorry for knowing nothing about these bikes. No one I know has one either, so you guys are all Ive got. Thanks a lot. I'll let you know if it works.
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    I had the same problem a couple of days ago the previous answer to min has very good photos of how to do the clutch by the way the clutch arm should go towards the engine to disengages the plates.

    Also make sure the chain is not too tight this can also cause problem of the back wheel locking up
  11. impression

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    take a look here, i believe you had the same problem as i, in that your sprocket wasn't moulded and set right. You need a dremel and some small attachments to striangle the teeth and make the chain sit in it right.
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    Looking at those pictures, my clutch doesn't move as much as the pic of the disengaged clutch. My cables have all be run properly, but my clutch wont move much from the picture of the engaged clutch. When I opened the panel on the right side, I took a look at the pin that sticks out (the pin in between the sprocket) I figure it should be able to move in and out but it doesn't. Is this normal? I have been reading other posts and people with similar problems said they just took it for a spin and everything was ok after a while. I have checked and its not the chain getting caught. Thanks everyone who has responded.
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    What exactly do you mean? Should I file away at the sprocket?
  14. No. Don't file your sprocket if you have that thick chain. Is there a ball bearing in the pin? Does the pin stick out?
    I'm starting to think your ball bearing in there fell out.
    But this whole "won't move to the right" clutch arm. Snug the clutch cable to get it TIGHT with no play then squeeze that clutch lever till that arm moves. If that ball bearing is in there and you can get that clutch arm to move then your bike should roll freely. Adjust it for some play afterwards though as soon as this is all behind you.
    Can't find a good install pic of that clutch pin and bearing. Look down on DAX's site. 5th picture down and to the right:
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    By the look of your vid when your pulling the clutch lever inwards the clutch arm on the engine isn't even moving.That clutch arm needs to swing inwards and disengage the drive-train so the rear wheel rotates relatively freely.Check your cable setup.
    BTW,Your chain is too tight man. :)
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    i'm a newbe to, the guys here,with their info are great.i too looked at your vid,and also do not see your clutch arm move. loosen barrel nut on clutch cable (on engine) pull cable end with pliers,while pushing barrel nut toward lever as far as you can and tighten. this pulls all the slack from cable/lever. it's hard to do three things at same time,so if you have a extra pair of hands,it will go for the chain, i like the chain to be as straight as possible(idler roller wise)remove your master link,and see if you can remove a link without making chain too tight. use your idler roller to take up miniscule slack.hope this helps,fred.
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    Thanks everyone, with out your replies I would never been able to get the bike in working condition. I messed with the clutch for a solid day and a half. Eventually the cable snapped. When I replaced the cable everything worked like a charm. I got the bike going two days ago. My chain keeps snapping. I think it because my engine mount has it so my chain line is off, not to mention the chain that came with the kit was not that great in quality. I have bought a spram BMX 1/8 chain. Do you guys think this chain will work? Thanks again for all of your help.
  18. spad4me

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    Are the master links breaking?
    If your 44 tooth sprocket wobbles the chain will fall off.
    Does the chain have a coating of CLEAR VARNISH?
    Is your chain line straight.
    Thats dax sells a thinner sprocket that works with a BMX chain.
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    The chainline is looking good and the rear sprocket is nearly perfect. I'm not sure if I was supposed to use a bmx chain on the bike, but I have and it seems to be doing really well. Yesterday was my first day riding it over a couple miles without the chain snapping, so its obviously better than what was on it. It wasn't my masterlink that was snapping. The chain that the kit came with was ridiculously cheap and could practically be snapped by hand. I had to cut away a piece of my fender because the chain would hit it and then snap. Anyway after cutting out the fender, replacing the chain with a bmx chain, and reconfiguring the engine mount, it has been smooth sailing. Today I am replacing the stock clutch lever and stock walmart breaks because they were both so crappy. All in all its going to cost me $70. I'm willing to spend the extra cash considering I was able to get the frame from walmart for $100 and the motor kit off ebay for $60 no reserve and $95 shipping. After today the bike should be in tip top condition. Thanks for the reply.
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    Kick Butt I'm glad you got it running. Way to stick with it.