My Summer Project - Updated and busted!!

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    Whew...It's finally done except for a Kings Super Sprocket.

    Okay, here's the list. Giant frame, Sun Big Mammoth rims hand built with powdercoated hubs,
    rear hub is machined for sprocket mount, Redline cranks, Crank brother 5050 pedals, Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur - 8 speed, E-Thirteen bash guard, Magura HS33 Hydraulic rim brakes, Salsa Skewers with titanium axles for wheels and seatpost, Kenda Flame tires, Selle SMP Extra seat, Rock Shox Tora 318 front fork, V-Grip fenders, Center kick stand, CH80 engine with Rock Solid 80cc Performance head, Manic Mechanic clutch actuator, Sick Bike Parts high flow air cleaner, Boost bottle, Msd wire and boot, all engine covers are powdercoated, EPA approved hush pipe with catalytic converter, Custom fuel filter, Handmade Ignition module, NiteHawk LED lighting, Sigma trip computer, Motorcycle handgrips, Beval Heaven bar mount mirror and Harley teardrop clamps for the clutch cable. So all this and I took it out for the first time this build and got pulled over and was informed that these bikes are now illegal in Ontario. They slid by the last couple years because of the E-bike pilot project here, but the HTA was changed at the end of October and E-Bikes are now legal and motorized bicycles are not - off road use only. So now I have a nice piece of art. Sucks to be me don`t it.... :(

    PS: If you live in Alberta and are 12 years old you can legally ride one of these on the road, but not if you are 51 and live in (Nanny Ontario)

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    Welcome to New york.
    That is the reason I am doing an gas/alternator E-bike.
    Possible option- buy a junk moped for the title and register it as such -steel stamp the id number into it somewhere. The older, the better.
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    yeah, I'll say. Nice job on the bike...that's awesome. At least they didn't confiscate it. I'm interested in your hydraulic rim brakes....not familiar with them. What's your opinion?
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    They are made by Magura and they are probably one of the best V brakes you can buy.
    My bike weighs 67 ibs full of gas and I am about 200 and they pull me down right quick.
    Not sure how well they work in the rain tho as this is a fair weather bike :)
    They cost me about 400 Canadian, expensive but for me worth every penny...
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    Whew, even in USD that's a chunk. One of the problems I have is cables freezing in the winter. Been thinking hydraulic discs hoping that would solve that problem. Wasn't even aware of yours. One of the reasons I finally sprung for a Nu Vinci too. Dang slush builds up in the derailleur and freezes up. All of a sudden the pedals aren't connected to anything. :ack2:
  6. Really nice work sorry to hear of your dilema. I run maguras on one of my bikes and they are awesome; they stop you like right now, are linear and feel like disc, and lower rotating mass and "unsprung" weight (an oz. of rotating mass is worth a pound of non).
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    alanm will they bust you for riding the bike trails?
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    That bike is amazing. It sucks that you cant ride it.