My Third Build

Is that a friction drive ? You can't really tell from the pic. Those are about the same speeds as I get with 26cc weedeater /friction.
Yes, friction drive - Bumble Bee Bolt On kit...
I have another cruiser with a 30cc, same performance but better uphill.
What 26cc engine do you use Dadkins1?
I am not sure of the brand of motor - it came off a weedeater brand trimmer - I have a couple of very similar motors I will have to take a closer look to see if I can identify them. One has a crankcase feed with reed valve and this has the a plastic lower case half ? How long could that possibly last ? Oh well nice to have back up - I have a scooter w/ a 3 hp Tecumseh 2 stroke I am thinking about attaching to a bike.
30 mph on a little 12" wheel scooter gets pretty scary !
Here's Mine

Nothing special - simple, reliable,economical fun !


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The Huffy is now addicting another victim of the MB revolution...sadly missed already. Next up is a Sun 3 speed coaster I was given...have a motor, gotta get me another Bumble Bee bracket...