My toughest build yet

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    image.jpg image.jpg

    I just got it this morning & started on it after lunch. This is my new Fito Modena GT in matte white. I got the rear sprocket on where it will clear the tire, and I made offset motor mounts from 1/4" steel plate. The engine is just sitting in there in the pics. I painted the mounts black & they're drying overnight. Going to finish up most everything else tomorrow.

    I may turn the top tube into the gas tank. I've read a few threads about doing it on here. One question though: What would be the best way to seal the fuel line fitting into the aluminum frame?

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    I got it all where I want it now. I'm just waiting an an Arrow expansion chamber. Other than that I've got everything I need to finish her up. I'm going to start it up and make sure everything works the way it's fitted. I may go with a BMX chain instead of the 415. The 415 is barely just brushing the tire, and although I don't think it will be a problem I just don't like it.

    I'm going to be making the top tube my gas tank so after I get it up and running I'm going to disassemble it and go to town on that. I picked up all the fittings I need today, and I have everything but a tap & die.

    Question: would the thin aluminum tubing accept threading it & also hold the fittings in place well enough? Or should I just use the fuel-safe epoxy to seal the fittings in?

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    Looking forward to seeing the finished bike this is a sweet build
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    I'm not really a cruiser type but I really like that one, What size tires are those?
    If I was you I would just get one of the "Under rear rack fuel tanks". Seems like it would be really hard to make the top tube a tank that didn't leak down to the bottom bracket.
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    Thanks, I do appreciate it. The tires are 24" x 3". They are as tall as my 26" tires when held side by side though. The bike has a low center of gravity, and it's stretched out a lot more than a regular cruiser. I'm 6'1" and although it is the lowest sitting bike I have, it is by far the most comfortable one.
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    Wow, that's awesome! Everything looks perfect on it, the bike itself really suits a motor!!
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    Thanks for the kind words. I had a rough day today, and I almost mounted a stock gas tank onto this bike just because I was feeling a little defeated. I never turned a top tube into a gas tank before, and I was having doubts about starting the project & messing it up.

    So I took a breather from this bike & came back with a fresh mindset. I'm really glad I did because it's coming along very nicely. I got all 3 holes drilled, and I got enough epoxy in through the fuel outlet hole to seal off the area all around the seatpost tube. I didn't have a big syringe and a tube, but I wish I would have. I used a big flat-head screwdriver & scooped in the epoxy until I got about 2 oz in. After a little bit it all settled down where it should be, and there's a nice pool of it just in sight on the first pic (edit - first pic is upside down) Tomorrow I'll be flipping it over & doing the front as well.

    The top of the tube (tank) was a bit tricky to drill perfectly. The holes are a bit off center. But with the fittings screwed in tight it looks just fine. They both stand up vertically, and the front one is going to have a tube coming off of it for a vent anyway. So that's it for now.

    image.jpg image.jpg

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    Their ya go!I think I found my 2nd build .Looks Awesome so far,Bzura!
    About the bmx chain,I'm no expert but I had some serious chain rub issues on my Onyx 29 build,clutch cover,case,tires fender,you name it..I solved it by using a ( #41 roller chain ) I got it at ,Tractor Supply,near my work. 10ft. section was about 20$.much more narrow than (415 chain)it's allot stronger as well.(see specs)
    ( )
    Be careful at that store you can easly get side tracted.I picked some other supplys on my list there...Like,chain lube,upgraded fuel filter,vinyl clip bracket thing to attach the rear of my chain guard,black.There was also alot of odds & ends in the hardware dpt.I was looking around a long time in that store,left wifee in car,she thought I died or somthing..Anyway,I hope this advised helped you out and really,Your bike is turning out steller!..

    *If you can't open it
    You don't own it!
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    Thanks for the tip on the chain SANDSA. I checked with the 2 TSS's in my are, and both were out of stock. I found the same length chain at & ordered it for $22 shipped. I also grabbed a set of 4 #41 half-links from ebay for $5.00 shipped. It's amazing how much of a difference a half of a chain link can make in fit & tension. If these chain truly do not stretch that means I potentially won't need to run a chain tensioner if I space it just right. Or so I hope.

    Progress on this build: yesterday I sealed up the front of the top-tube with 2 oz of epoxy. I know I had to get a bit more in there than I did in the rear so I mixed the epoxy with just enough lacquer thinner to make it a bit less solid. I then cut down the sides of a solo plastic cup, leaving one section sticking up about 2". I cut that 1" wide tab sticking up into a rounded triangular shape so I could roll it into a funnel, and I mixed the epoxy in the shallow bottom of the cup. After the export was loose enough to run just enough I curled up the edge of my "funnel", stuffed it on the hole I cut for the vent & tilted the cup and it all sent in with the help of a little scraping & a lot of patience. I sure beat scooping the stuff up with a flat-head screwdriver & shoving it in there.

    I'm going to let it all cure for another day or so before I start putting it back together. My Arrow expansion pipe isn't getting here until Monday so I'll probably finish it up on Sunday & Monday morning & then hopefully the mail man will be here by then!

    One question - is rubbing alcohol the best thing to use to test the seals of my new fuel tank? I searched & saw that's what some people recommend, but I was wondering if there's anything else recommended?

    Thanks all! I'll post more pics after I get my expansion pipe on Monday! Hopefully the sun will be out by then. I wanna ride!!!!
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    Hey,i'm looking forward to the new pics,but take your time.I don't know too too much about That kind of alcohol,"hic",if ya know what i mean.haha.In the past I used to work allot with epoxy resins,making flys/lures /streamers for fishing.Using a small ferris wheel type set-up,and a heat lamp.The constant turning during the drying prosses would make perfect round heads or bodys on the flys,you could also kinda shape them before they were set up.
    *thinking about a rotissery set up.epoxy frame pig roast party.woo hoo..
    Anyways,the key was to keep it all moving while it was drying.
    Oh yeah,chains are annoying..Me too,I tried to run without a tentioner,have a neighbor that never uses one,the chain was hitting and banging on my swing arm/frame and tires and fenders,even when tight.I had to use that ugly bulky stock one,but it kept the chain off of the frame and alignment stayed true & smooth.I have plans in the making for a spring tentioner.It has to look good ,be simple,and be FULLY adjustable,up,down.side to side,left&right.Most important looks good hehe..
    Let me know how much the frame fuel tank holds?courious ,prabably about a gallon?..hmm..Awesome build ..thumbs up^^
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    I got it back together, and it holds rubbing alcohol. I put the barbed fittings in the new tank, and I got it back together. I still need a petcock, more black fuel line & my Arrow expansion pipe to complete it. Oh, and I need to neaten up the cables & finish the electrical.

    It started snowing here so I figured now would be a good time to take a break.
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    Nice,clean.How's the chain clearance with the tire?Looks like you had to cut for the fender,looks good,I like the lines of that fender.Are you going to use a chain guard?

    *tapping foot waiting to see how much gas your White Stallion will hold,YeeHaaah~
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    This afternoon I got some more work done on the GT. The Arrow pipe arrived in the mail, and I picked up some fuel line & a petcock to finish that part of it off. I'm still waiting on the new chain to arrive, but I could ride it with the stock chain if it wasn't still such a cold, wintry, wet & salty mess outside. The stock chain just barely rubs on the outside ridge of the tire, and although I wouldn't ride it on a regular basis like that, I know that it wouldn't do any harm (just knowing me would bother me though) so having to wait for the weather to break isn't too bad of a thing.

    After I got the pipe on & set up the fuel line I called it quits for the night on the GT. It took me a while, and a lot of different configurations to get the fuel line, filter, petcock to where it is in the last pic. The back of the top tube isn't too much higher than the fitting on the carb, but it is higher so that's all that matters. I don't think the loop in the line will affect the flow at all when the tank is more full, but I'm curious to see what happens when the level is lower in the tank.

    Anyone have any experience with a fuel tank/carb placement similar to mine? Any feedback on how it will work (or what to do differently) would be appreciated.

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    Looking really good. Just watch those fenders. Im afraid to put fenders on mine because of all the accidents I read about they can cause.
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    Hey B,
    That pipe is sick ^^.
    How is the carb clearance with the stock intake manifold,you mite have more room to work with,and a straight shot with your fuel line.
    From the pics it looks like you have a Z pipe,offset.I dont know about the loopty loop,you'll have to test it out..
    Also I was wondering about a fuel guage?
    I know ,here in Mass. holy sheets of ice & crap around.saturday was the only day to tinker around..I had to put the graphics/stickers on with a heat gun.Now thats the only way I'll do it for now on.The tape curved around easly.Planning on pin striping later..
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    Beautiful! Looks strong as hell, too. I'm starved for decent parts in Brazil, I'd kill for those wheels and tyres :)
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    Ollie, thanks. It is really beefy. I love the threadless fork. I ride them on my mountain bike, but I never had a cruiser with one. It makes for a really solid connection with the stem & handlebars...which is kind of important.

    SANDSA - I have the stock intake on there. I tried an offset one, and it put the throttle cable too close to the new pipe so I went back to the stock one. It's stock except for being port-matched to the intake on the cylinder.

    I had to work on a couple of other bikes today & watch it snow ALL DAY. I smoke cigars, and I love to smoke when I'm working on bikes, but it was blowing so hard I had to shut the garage door for most of the day. I don't smoke with the doors shut so I was really bummed today.

    So I still didn't get to ride it with the new pipe, but I did get a lot of other stuff wrapped up. Speaking of wrapping up - I'm going to be wrapping the pipe in black exhaust wrap because it's so close to my right leg. That will be in a day or 2.

    I was thinking about one of those old-school type fuel gauges that runs a tube on the outside of the tank. I have to look into that. I suppose it's as easy as 2 barbed fittings & some fuel line, but maybe there's something that looks even better.
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    Hey, my name is Antonio. I was wondering if you still have the bike, would you consider selling it and if so, how much?