my trailer legal? help!



al my dad keeps saying is i hope the cops dont pull ya over, i hope they dont take it ect ect IS THIS LEGAL? i need to know cause he is really annoying me! i think it shuld be legal cause they have commercial carts..... thanks guys!
ps ill have pics up tommro of the cart, im still workin on the rails so passengers wont cut off they're fingas
thanks papa, i already knew i was not he he but my friend's b-day is in march, and mine's in july so ill just have to stay under wraps till then lol but il probabllo only be going like 3-5 min away, i dont think it will be that of a biggie, and i originally decided to build it cause in the fall we have to tote leaves down to the front of the park, and we have a huge oak... that makes atleast 20 huge self-standing lawn bags from menards, but if i get caught i get caught, at this point i am so frusterated with the cops i coud care less lol they told my dad he stole his bike cause it had used parts from ebay, and they didnt want to give him a vin, cause the frame was aftermarket, and all the cops here work by commisionn therefore azz holes.. my ma got charged for wrekeless driving cause she drove around glass with noone around...
The way I see it,if a cop see's you with a trailer full of leaves doing actual physical labor,he may get that kodak feeling and shed a tear.
I mean really. You're not being a p*nk nosed kid. You're not moping around with nothing to do. Your not 24/7 Playstation. You're out there earning an honest pay just like the Beaver (you may be too young but follow me with this please..)
Just do your thing. I bet a cop will give you a thumbs up if anything at all. But just make sure that trailer is securing your load and doesn't look like it's gonna fail.
And I want to see that Kodak moment in print pronto!
ok lol will do, i still need to put on rails, but i need to buy more screws, i used fifty, more like 75, i way over do anything, mostly cause i want it to take a beating it might be holding a bike, and it might also hold me, 200lb i know it'll hold me, i already tried it, but i want it to hold up in the long haul :) ill go and take pics and stuff in a bit, but it will be unfinished when i do, cause i need to wait for a ride to get to ace.
hey guys, i should be able to put up pics in an hr or so, i got everything setup, and then my cam says beep beep beep lo bat shutting down, so i gotta charg it...
hey pics are in pics, keep in mind i had about 5 min to take em, cause i let my cam charge for 20 min.