My Trailz eZip stopped working ... cause i dropped it !

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by turramaher, Jun 25, 2013.

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    Hi Folks, I have had two (relatively) incident-free years riding my Trailz ezip (few punctures, few loose connections) until recently when I had to stop suddenly and both rider & bike hit the pavement.

    Since then, the bike's motor refuses to work. I have followed the troubleshooting tips from other posts and this is what I know:

    * batteries are good and charging to 27v
    * Two yellow LED lights come on when I sit battery in cradle
    * i have disconnected the brake inhibitor - but that makes no difference
    * i have done a continuity test across the terminals for brake inhibitor plug and it doesnt beep

    Other posts would lead me to think its the brake inhibitor (the left side handlebars took to brunt of the fall) but the same posts say disconnecting will bypass this problem - although that was in reference to scooters.

    Does anyone know for sure what happens when you disconnect the brake inhibitor on a trailz ezip ? or any other ideas on how to diagnose what I have broken ? ie could it be the throttle or the PAS/ cadence switch ?


  2. turramaher

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    Just a quick (late) update ... i followed the troubleshooting steps and that discounted the brake inhibitor switch. So I had to check all the wiring (or at least my bro-in-law did) and the problem was traced back to a broken throttle cable.

    Lucky for me, I had an old one in my pile of spares so i swapped it over - very easy - and away i went.

    P>S> I didnt need to gut the grip off to remove the throttle - a little bit if sewing machine oil did the trick
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    Wow! I feel kinda bad that your original post sat there for five months or so without an answer.

    I wouldn't have been able to help, to be honest. But I might have at least wished you good luck.

    Normally I'd feel rude naming another forum here. But it might be justified in this case. You might look up a forum named 'endless-sphere'. They are a lot more active in electrics than this forum is.

    But check in with us from time to time, won't you?
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    I had trouble with my Currie kit after a spill. I disassembled the throttle and found the magnet had come loose from its moorings. It works fine after putting it back together a couple of times.