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    I was going to build something a while back with a lawnmower transaxle and a 14 horsepower briggs but the reality of how much of a pain it'd be to build something strong enough caught up to me. that thing is killer
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    Thanks. just fired it up today. thing is insane. can't keep the front wheel on the ground. has a 125cc 4speed Lifan engine in it. all aluminum frame. with a chinese atv rear end. I was going to change the 32T rear sprocket to a 44T i had from my mtn bike engine kit, but good thing i didn't would have been just silly geared that low. charging GoPro will make a video and upload later today..
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    Anxious to see it in action.
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    I was looking at an 60s Joannou trike for a motorized beach cruiser... It has front drum brake and I assume a coaster brake. I am not sure how I would mount a motor to it as it has an odd-shaped frame.
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