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    My to girls Sasha and Samantha Sam for short Sam is the friction drive and Sasha the inframe I got bored the other day rebuilt my old clunker bike and old clunker moter 49cc boy go fast motor yes it runs very good and the bike and motor are 4 yrs old been ran for 3 yrs and motor spent 1 year in closet gathering dust. Bike sat out side gathering rust and flat tires..How sad of existance is that for a bike and motor with around 3000 miles on both together? Cause when I bought motor I also bought the bike to . So earlier this week friday morning I gathered the parts together again and was rideing her before 3 o clock that same afternoon minus sprocket. Already had that on the wheel it just sat in closet with motor . I still gotta replace a bunch of bolts and nuts and clutch cable it vibrates pretty good. Specially at almost full throttle. I resercted this bike and motor so I dont put to many miles on Sam my road friction drive bike I use Sam for trips to other towns on I'm not taking Sasha out of town at all until i get a those few things fixed then after that she isn't goin very far may 4 or 5 miles out max....

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    Nice bikes! You may want to keep that wiring from hitting your exhaust. Wire looms are your friend!
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    Sooo... how come Sasha has the throttle on the left?
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    No brakes on the HT bike equals unhappy times to me...
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    Indian military motorcycles had the throttle on the left so you could shoot with your right hand.
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    ... so... the intention here is... what? And not ALL military Indians had that option, nor would it give any advantage as the handle opposite of the throttle was the spark advance. Having the throttle on the other side to allow the use of a firearm on one of these devices... I am reasonably sure that will get you pulled over at the very least... don't we have enough issues with the law? Get an M-8 Greyhound and mount a 20mm, you'll get lousey gas milage but NOBODY will cut you off or steal your parking spot!
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    actually it is on the rite it is the black brake handle. And i got coaster brakes and also use the motor to slow down . Not had any problems yet. Plus i dont go very fast maybe 15 to 20 mph. And on my friction drive i use the motor to slow down on it and coaster brakes also. Where i ride there is not much that does happen. And I slow down 100 ft before stop signs so i dont collapse the coaster brakes or ruin the bearings on it. I broke a axle on that bike a couple months ago using coaster brakes. I was going fast let off throttle went to slow down kinda fast and i stopped all rite ale broke off it twisted it in half.....