My two stroke is four strokin'! Need Help!!!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by racereeves, Jun 21, 2008.

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    It was running sluggish when I was breaking it in. Figured that was how the break in was supposed to go. I've switched to 32:1 after my 50 miles like the manual said but it still is running ruf. It's only firing every other cycle. It was suggested that i move up one notch on the needle. I did that but now it idles fast. It runs better but the idle is as fast as the motor will go and my idle speed is 23 mph. I've turned the adjustment screw for the throttle cable at the very top all the way down but it still idles fast at top end (i think) with no increase when i turn the throttle. When I put the needle back down one notch where it was I get the same old ruff running.
    I've gapped the spark plug and the ignition seems great. Starts right up. Just can't seem to get it to run smoothly. It seems that it runs like it should only for a few seconds right before I run out of gas. Can anyone help this noob out??! Thanks for reading.


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    This is another noob talkin here, but it sounds like your timing is screwed up some how (something wrong with the magneto)
    Have you checked the carb for dirt and cleaned it?
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    I have no idea why but its running better now. I must have bottomed the needle out to where it wasn't getting any gas. gave it a little throttle and away it went. Works fine after i adjusted the idle screw. I cleaned out the fuel tank and the petcock screen and adjusted the fuel line so that which was drooping. All is well for now I think. Thank you
  4. Sounds like you had a gas flow situation for a bit. It's good to get a fuel filter with a clear cover that way you can see your gas. I like to run mine with no air bubbles in my happy time. That way I KNOW I have flow. (when I do have bubbles in my filter I remedy that by blowing in my tank but I'm crazy don't don't follow my advice.)
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    Another tank inflator. :grin: Thought I was the only one. Used to have to prime the tecumseh scrubber set up that way. People asked me why I have a ring around my lips, and gasoline on my breath. Told them I was a fire eater.
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    Things are definitely running better now but i still think I need to run leaner. Any ideas?? It seems to two stroke well under load. I can only get it to 22 mph then it boggs down. I can feel a surge of power when it finally two strokes. It has more power but it just seems like it bogs down.
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    Does this happen at Break in because mine does that too it acclerates fast and as soon as the load is gone it bogs a lot. like i can't go faster than 16 MPH as cruise. problem gets worse if i go down hill. this confuses me because it was running fine for the first tank of gas. thanks for the help. The Chief
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    That describes my problem completely! I adjust things only to have a short lived positive result. For the Love of GOD! Can someone explain to us what is happening! lol
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    One other thing to check.. if this happens again, pull the fuel cap off while riding. If the problem goes away, your fuel cap is sealing and the carb is pulling a vacuum on the tank. vacuum in the tank = no fuel getting to the engine.

    I drilled a tiny hole in the middle of my gas cap. Haven't had a single problem since.