My Vintage Replica

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by 4-banger, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. 4-banger

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    Whew...looking at the welds on the frame I wouldn't ride it at 3 mph let alone 30 mph. You sir, are a brave person.
  3. butch27

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    Looks like someone was stacking chicken poop with chopsticks.:shock:
  4. RdKryton

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    lol That's a great line!

  5. chipmcluk

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  6. butch27

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    Hey it's still a motored-bike.
  7. 4-banger

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    Ya I was using a new welder I had got the week before I built it and it kept fluctuating the output voltage and that made welding a ***** and since I built it on Sunday I couldn't get it replaced till the next day, but the penetration on the welds is fine. They just look like chicken poop stacked with chopsticks.:grin:
  8. JemmaUK

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    Methinks a little grinding down on the chicken poop and a nice paint job and it would look great.

    I would fit some sort of suspension as your body will *hurt* without it - maybe an open springer fork and a spring seat?

    Re brakes - get hold of some kevlar brake pads and you'll be fine - its what I have fitted up on my GEBE and that'll cruise at 34.5-35 flat out.

    You have a good sense of aesthetics - the frame dimensions look 'right' which doesnt happen very often on scratchbuilds when the frames are cut about..


    Jemma xx
  9. olddude

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    Keep building e'm the more you build the better you get and the faster you go!!!
    keep your self happy and doin't worry about the penut gallery
  10. srdavo

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    thanks olddude, for bumping this thread.
    I guess I missed it, the 1st time around.

    I hate to get on my soapbox here.... but I hate holding my tongue, even more.

    kinda rude, don't ya think?

    this was really rude

    also rude.... but at least you got to pimp your someone else's thread.

    you don't owe any excuses.

    good post

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    You spelled peanut wrong.
  12. olddude

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    See just as is said comments from the nut gallery
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    Okay, I'm not typically a **** starter, so I refrained from using comments like the chopsticks one. But I also don't believe in praising someone for half assed work thats obviously not as safe as it could be. Those welds are not fine. I understand that not everyone can be a sharpshooter right out the box, but do yourself a favor, and practice quite a bit before attempting to weld on a project. Especially something that is going to be moving at high speeds. This isn't just some sideways comment, I'm a structural Ironworker, I have 9 welding certs and am in the process of getting my CWI. (before someone questions my qualifications. But like olddude said, keep practicing, you'll get better. But practice outside of trying to build a finished product.
  14. srdavo

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    now that was a lot better.....thanks.
    shame you couldn't have given him a little encouragement and some tips, back then.
    10/11/08 was the last date 4-banger was active here. I can't blame him for not coming back.

    there was a little justice, though.... before he left, he returned your favor & posted a link to his your thread. heh heh heh.
  15. How about the sound of a pump shotgun racking in a shell? Depends on which end of it you are on. It can sound like security or time to leave.