My Whizzer and EZ bike :)

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by pokerhelper, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. pokerhelper

    pokerhelper New Member

    I got this 07 Whizzer and this EZ-bike from Simpson Motorbikes,
    (Mike built the EZ bike from a Schwinn frame I had)
    He did a great job.
    I just bought the Whizzer last week.
    I love them both...
    Hard to pick a favorite, actually.
    I will let you know my favorite after I put another
    10,000 miles or so on each :)
    I apologize,
    I am not good at posting pics,
    so here is the link to my album with both bikes.

  2. nsxcorvette

    nsxcorvette Member

    very nice. I think you'd get more response if you attached pics to the posting. it's the icon that looks like a paper clip hen your posting.
  3. knobb490

    knobb490 Member

    Like it!

    I agree, nice bikes (drool). 10,000 miles?....hmmmm.
  4. pokerhelper

    pokerhelper New Member

    Ive got the stamina for it,
    I LOVE driving these :)