My Whizzer...Now to get it running

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    Here's a link to a photo of my 2005 Whizzer NE5. This was purchased off eBay, and the seller disassembled it for shipping without tagging the ends of the wiring. I'm going through that now with the service manual to make sure we have it all correct. Bikes/100_0822.jpg

    For those on dial-up who want a smaller, more quick to load photo:

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  2. Alan

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    They are really cool. Enjoy it.
  3. Your dog wants a ride! :grin:

    Man what a beauty.
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    ahhh you will never get it back together.. ever... why dont you just send it to me... for free


    the wiring on them is pretty straight forward - email me, ill send you a wiring diagram thats pretty easy to follow. lobsterboyx at gmail dot com