My Whizzer Turns Heads!

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Hal the Elder, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member

    I had Oscar out for a lengthy neighborhood cruise today, putting on 13 longest outing yet!

    Many times I would pass small groups of adults or kids visiting in their front yards, and they would all look in surprise at Blue Oscar putting by at a leisurely 20mph. They would have looks of surprise, uncertainty, and admiration, and most of them smiled and waved!

    When I saw a group who looked interested, I would go around the block and come back to stop and talk to them. They were all extremely interested in the Whizzer, most of them never having seen one.

    I proudly related the history of the Whizzer and gave technical explanations of the machine.

    Whizzing is fun!

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  2. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Ah, you have now experienced the mystique of the Whizzer. Many times I've taken mine to the store only to come out and find people gathered around, admiring it. Many have never seen one, or haven't seen one since their youth. Most are surprised to find out that the bike is modern (mine is a 2005). Most recently, I had a fellow offer to trade his pickup truck for my Whizzer once he found out how many miles per gallon it gets!
    On the occasions I've taken mine to work, I usually park it out front (where I can keep an eye on it). Sometimes, by the number of people to go out of their way to look at it you'd think I parked an exotic sportscar there.
    Enjoy the mystique of the Whizzer. It's fun to spread the word about these grin generators.
  3. sk8erpunk

    sk8erpunk Member

    Get used to it!

    It's one of the coolest things about having a Whizzer!!!
  4. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Get the Hi-Flow muffler insert if you want to turn more heads! Quenton should have those available if you need one. Motorbike Mike may also have them. Not only does it sound a lot better, it lets you extract a little more performance from the engine.
  5. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Those of us on happy time set-ups are sometimes asked, "Is that a Whizzer?"

    My answer is, "No, but it's a copy." (not quite true, but close enough)

    Then we usually spend a few minutes looking over the bike.

    So we HT people are "Whizzer mystique interlopers" :)

    We're sorry (a little bit), but we enjoy it (quite a bit).
  6. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Same thing happens when I'm on either of my HT bikes as well, especially my Western Flyer. Bikes/100_1594.jpg
    I tell people that it's not a Whizzer, but it's the same concept.
  7. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member

    Well, It Could Be Worse...

    Instead of enjoying the admiration of neighbors as Oscar and I glide down their streets, I could be faced with angry mobs who run into the street, shaking their fists, and shouting:

    "Stay off our streets with that thing...the clutch slips too much!"

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  8. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member

    Hey Kilroy:

    About that "Hi-Flow" Muffler Insert:

    Isn't the stock exhaust insert already optimized for the NE engine with the intake restrictor opened to 19mm?

    If the Hi-Flow insert produces a more mellow sound, I would be interested. What's the price?

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  9. n8ygn

    n8ygn Member


    Hal I bought mine at the Harpers Ferry National Park at the general store. close to that is a resterant an outside tavern where quite a few Harley guys hang out with there 20k super fancy bikes maybe more I mean fancy. When I bought mine and waited on my daughter in law to come with the truck to take me home. I took a few rides and guess who was all around me asking all kinds of questions. Those harleys guys came out of the wood work like roaches. To be honest I think the guy at the general store was ready to hire me as an employee, because I had all the right answers because I had been reading up on all the information on the Whizzer.
    Enjoy the bike everyone is interested in the antique look of the bike, and I enjoy talking about them. Check out my picture in the photo section I am an avid photographer and can do anything with a picture and used a little bit of my WVa humor again. Dane
  10. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Hal, if I'm not mistaken the stock insert is, along with the restrictor, designed to help keep the hp rating at 1.95 as well as helping to keep the decibel level a bit lower. The hi-flow gives it a throatier (not more mellow - I call it the "quarter Harley") sound, and I noticed that it offered a little better performance as well. I chalk that up to decreased back pressure.
    I can't remember the price of the hi-flow, but I'm sure Quenton can tell you. He had them available at our East Coast Rally last month.
  11. RusticoRay

    RusticoRay Member

    I was stopped at a light a couple a months ago last time I really went out for a ride and a pack of Harleys were stopped comming in the opposite direction. After the light changed on there side they thottled up and then abruptly slowed down to give a thumbs up and up and down shakes of there heads. Many kids in town asked where and how much to purchase. I know what my Dad would have said if I asked him for $1600.00 for a whizzer. Ouch
  12. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member

    Thanks, Kilroy...I'll check with The Man about the Hi-Flow insert.