My Whizzer Upgrade Results

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    Hello all.
    I finished my WC-1 to NE upgrade today. Wow is the best way to describe the results. This thing has more power that I believed it could ever have. I am soooo pleased. Many thanks to Quenton for his valuable information and his modified parts. ie: Milled head, NE cylinder with minor porting, and not forgetting the hi-lift cam and lifters. I had some trouble with a carb that I did NOT get from Quenton. Live and learn. Real Whizzer parts are the only way to go. PM me for info on the bad carb. I don't want to blast anyone in public.


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    :grin: Can understand your enthusiasm. Its a great feeling to know youve made the correct decisions on a project. Making a motor faster and last longer than the stock product is what its all about man. Have fun, dont go to fast, ya right!
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