My Wife Stole My Bike!


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3:27 PM
May 1, 2008
I finally committed to getting a Trek Calypso Cruiser for a possible 50cc 2-stroke install, but the thing is so dang comfortable to ride that my wife has appropriated it for herself for basic bicycle duty. Oh well, I have concerns about vertical clearance for the motor in that frame anyway.

So now, I have recently ordered a Dax 50cc kit. At this point I'm just going to wait for it to arrive and check fitment on the Calypso, and possibly pickup another Calypso for myself if the motor is a fit. Otherwise I'm likely going to get the Raleigh Retroglide7. I know the motor will fit in one of those and it is comparably equipped, less the 3 piece crank setup of the Trek.

Regardless, I'll post an update on wether the motor will fit the Trek.

I'm now just anxiously awaiting the arrival of the motor!

And for those of you wondering, I eschewed the Wal-Mart brand bike primarily because we simply will not shop at Wal-Mart for anything available at a locally owned store, and the Trek and Raleigh models are also aluminum frames. The weight of the frame is not a performance issue, but rather a preference for not having to lift a ton of bricks to store it. ;)
Al is nice but steel absorbs vibrations better.

Trek's fit and finish is light years ahead of WM though.
Hadn't thought about the vibration issue. Is it really a significant difference though?

I'm not opposed to coming up with some custom rubber isolated motor mounts if necessary however.
Both will vibrate like crazy. The resonant frequency will be somewhat different. Definately isolate the motor mounts; some people like old tire inner tubes; I like neoprene as found in an old mouse pad etc.

This site is off a different tangent from "bike snobbery" as suffered in most bike shops. Weight etc is not quite the issue.