My Yellow 66cc Motorbike Build

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by hemi350, May 12, 2010.

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  1. hemi350

    hemi350 Guest

    this is a motorbike i built back in 06.after all the bikes that i have built for myself and other people this is my favorite what do think of her

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  2. awc360

    awc360 New Member

    how'd you attach the tank?
  3. JTinFL

    JTinFL Member

    I can see why it's your favorite.Exceptional job on that one.What bike did you use.Looks like a very sturdy frame.I want one!!!
  4. T Rock

    T Rock New Member

    nice build, where did you get that handle bar mount, love the set-up!
  5. hemi350

    hemi350 Guest

    i flipped the stock tank mounts upside down and drilled the mounts and the toptube then tapped the top tube and set the tank right on top of it
  6. hemi350

    hemi350 Guest

    i got a bmx bike from wally world for $59 and stripped it for bars,stem and front brake. cheaper than ordering the parts and u can save the crank ,pedals,and headset for a frame up build.
  7. hemi350

    hemi350 Guest

    i looked high and low for a a yellow bike not too many out the that dont cost a arm and a leg found on a cheap bike site i think it a xyz cruiser
  8. ashley johnson

    ashley johnson New Member

    thats is a good lookin build, is the shape of the bike frame that does it
  9. goodyearpimp

    goodyearpimp New Member

    pretty sweet hemi , 2 thumbs up
  10. hemi350

    hemi350 Guest

    thanks everyone i have a new 4g 4 stroke and another 2 stroke build coming very shortly to take to the local car shows. in my area from adout may to sept there is about 150 carshows in northern il so i have a lot of fun choices for showing what motorized bike hobby has to offer.
  11. Lazieboy

    Lazieboy Member

    High Visability

    Nice, high visibility:grin5: = Safety