Chain Tensioner MyFirst Conversion, Modifed Frame and Idler

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    This was my first conversion, I used a 80 cc motor kit. My frame has different sized tubes, I didn't want to drill anything, so I welded and bolted on a support tube.
    Also my chain idler had to be modified to make it secure. I welded up a bracket to support it. See the attached pics.

    The only part of the kit that I don't like is the chain tensionser. I plan to take this kit off this bike, get another bike with the proper sized frame tubes and with horizontal rear wheel drop outs. The drop outs will allow me to eliminate the the tensioner and I should be able to the adjust the chain by moving the rear wheel, like a motorcycle.

    Also the clutch control does not fully release when using the built in stop on the handle. I have to keep it squeezed to fully release the clutch.

    The motor runs ok, it smokes a bit on the 16:1 fuel ratio. It vibrates somewhat.

    It was fun to build and its fun to ride.

    Also, I'm not sure on how to connect the kill switch. The instructions say to use the white wire from the engine. Messages on this forum say NOT to use the white wire. Whats the best way to connect the kill switch?

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    hi bb; welcome. good looking build. trash the kill switch, get a toggle. adjust the clutch arm inward.
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    Looks good.

    I like that. Where did you buy your kit.