Mystery Oil Leak

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by go-rebels, May 5, 2009.

  1. go-rebels

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    Just got my '05 NE5 on the road for a good 13 mile ride over the weekend. Upon parking the bike, the motor lost about one tablespoon of oil that puddled under the motor.

    After about 1/2hr, the dripping stopped.

    I've noticed that every time I've ridden the bike for a few miles, then parked it. I've never smelled any burning oil.

    My bike has a new sidecover gasket and a new lifter cavity gasket. I'm certain that the oil is not coming from those two gaskets, as that was my first thought. Bike as 85 miles on it.

    What technique would you use to find the leaks? The motor is clean but maybe I'll pressure wash it, then drive it and toss some baking flour on it to see what sticks. Any other ideas?

  2. RusticoRay

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    I had a small leak that turned out to be from the hole the compression lever runs though. It was suggested to put a 3/8th O ring in the inside over the lever and to the inside of cover that worked well maybe your situation. I heard years ago there were a few cook books out for cuisine cooked up off of a motor, I dont know about baking goods though. Hope ya find it Ray
  3. bill green

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    Hi check under rotor for main seal leak and also check under drain plug if over tighten it will crack your case there....Bill
  4. go-rebels

    go-rebels Member

    It couldn't be the drain plug else I'd lose near all my oil over time.

    Rotor? Is this the main crank seal?
  5. bill green

    bill green Member

    Howdy If it leaking below the drain plug look for crack on bottom ,,yes that is main crank seal behind the engine pulley rotor..Hope this helps ... Bill
  6. go-rebels

    go-rebels Member

    Hmmm... I see that my bike is still leaking this afternoon...
  7. bill green

    bill green Member

    Hi G-Reb Any idea where its coming from......Bill
  8. go-rebels

    go-rebels Member

    I've been working my ash off this week and probably won't have time to give it a good look until the weekend.
  9. go-rebels

    go-rebels Member

    I took a few minutes and confirmed that the leak is coming from the left side of the motor. The area under the lifter bay, oil filler plug and right hand crankcase cover are dry. So it's either the main seal or drain plug.

    The bike hasn't dripped a drop in two days.
  10. go-rebels

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    I've been traveling nearly a month straight on business and just yesterday took the Whizzer for a 10 mile ride. I came back, parked the bike and waiting for the leak... that never materialized. The only change since I posted the leak problem has been the replacement of the main drive belt with a Gates AX27. Now there is absolutely no belt slippage and my RPMs never get in to the high range that I ran when earlier going up moderate hills.

    I'm figuring that my leak issue was related to running the engine at relatively high RPMs.