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    Hello all!
    as the title implies i am quite new. I have been lurking the forums for a few weeks to gather information about these small engines.
    About me: As the name implies i like cars and anime. I have had the following cars: 1971 Ford Maverick Grabber (first car will never sell), 1993 Honda Civic Si (Stock and Miss it), 1991 Honda CRX (B18A1 swap, lots of mods, hotter cams, upgraded valvetrain, exhaust, ect. wrecked in 2013 ;_;) and a 1996 Mazda Miata (Current. Lowered on Tein springs, Harddog roll bar, lip, turn signal intakes). I also really anime.

    About My Bike: I have a Schwinn Jaguar that I have attached a MegaMotors 66/80cc 2-Stroke I purchased from BikeBerry.com. I have only ridden the bike once under the engines own power, I crossed the wires from the CDI to Magneto and believe i fried one or the other. I purchased a replacement set, installed, and got the engine to fire briefly before it would not start back again. I feel as though i am running too rich as i have a good amount of fuel dripping out of the exhaust and it will bog when i try to start it. The only modifications i have made to the engine are the following: E3 3.12 spark plug and NGK plug cap. I have also disconnected the kill switch and capped it off and (now) have a newer style magneto without the white wire.

    Anyway heres some pics (note: These are before i installed the new CDI/Magneto and disconnected the kill switch) Bike1.jpg Bike2.jpg Bike3.jpg Bike4.jpg

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    We're glad you joined up. I see that it's still green in NC.

    I'd urge you to shorten up that chain a bit. That tensioner and the 'chain bend' that's going around it will give you trouble sooner or later. Probably sooner.

    I kinda think you're not running rich. At least the fuel coming out of the exhaust doesn't really point in that direction. But there's no doubt that fuel is getting through unburnt. And that could be your caused by your ignition failure.

    So I'd have a good look at your wiring again. Tidy up any questionable connections and such. You might want to swap the spark plug with some other one, too. See if that makes any difference.
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    I have checked my connection and swapped my plug for the 3-prong I used when it ran the one time. Nothing. Just a slight buzz without any popping and then ill roll to a stop......