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  1. Im contemplating starting or being involved with the formation of a New South Wales riders group , the laws here are up for reveiw I hear and there is a lot of conflicting info and we need to know were we stand as citizens and voters .
    Hopefully there might be enough people to make this worthwhile , if need be to make up the numbers maybe it should be an Australia wide group .
    Hope to hear from some of you soon .
    Simon J Wilmer

  2. Stink Bike

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    I'm interested and live in North Sydney.
    Please keep me advised.
  3. AussieSteve

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    Mick, I'm in Nowra - just down the road from both of you, sort of.
    I've regularly checked the RTA site and seen nothing about updates.
    They updated in 2008 to make all mopeds illegal without rego etc.
    There are rumours everywhere. Don't worry until it happens.

    Either way, it's a dead issue here, since we're restricted to 200W, all of our HT engines are illegal on the road. They won't increase that limit, in my opinion.
    In fact, there's another loophole that they might notice. Mopeds here must be 50cc or under and capable of no more than 50kph.
    With motorised bicycles, they forgot the speed limit, so a 200W bike can legally do any posted speed limit in NSW. They might put a cap on that.
    While they're illegal, it might not be too good an idea to form a 'riders' group.

    ... Steve
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    Im in Newcastle and I know these bikes arn't exactly legal, but it is hard to prove. Thankfully I have not had any run ins with the law yet, however, there are so many people out there acting like idiots on these bikes it makes it very hard for the sensible rider to put up a decent case to lobby the authorities to see the benefits.
    Case in point: There is a local walkway around Lake Macquarie where I live and take my kids regulary, it is always very busy with walkers and riders, I rarely have the motor going when Im down there and if I do Im idling along in 2nd gear at most, only if its quiet. I am seeing an increasing amount of dcik heads hooning around on MBs as if it was a race track. These are the the people who will wreck it for the rest of us.
    Unfortunatley, I believe it will be in the not too distant future that petrol powered assisted bicycles will be banned outright.
    However, I for one am up for any kind of riders group to show there are enough sensible people out there to warrant having this type of transport.

    Cheers, Ben.

    PS sorry for the rant.
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    Unfortunately, Ben, in NSW they don't need to prove anything. They covered their a s s e s nicely on that - the onus is on us to prove that our engine doesn't exceed 200W.

    I've attached our legislation, current as of July 2008.

    I agree with everything else that you said.

    ... Steve

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  6. gothicguy64

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    hi from villawood .
    i hope my 1600 watt plus 50cc bike lasts till its outlawed ...lol

    yerrrr i love to be in a nsw motorizedbike group
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    Hey People, Yeah The Cops Are Pulling Everyone In Qld. Mayb Mr P.garret Can Subsidise Us On The Green Aspect. Please Ride These Bikes With Care And Courtesy And Just Mayb Some Smart People Will See The Advantage Of This Form Of Transport And How The Government Can Make An Earn From Rego And 3rd Party. Flemo