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    Howdy. I'm from Austin, TX. Just recently bought a 48cc on a mountain bike from my friend's dad who was upgrading and building himself an 80cc cruiser. I had ridden my friend's road bike build a few times so was familiar. Hope to eventually build my own on a larger frame since I'm real tall and either swap engines or get an 80cc for it. I commuted to work on it for the first time today (20 miles round trip). Fortunately there are some good bike lanes for at least 50% of the way. I actually made it to work 5-10 mins faster and had a good time doing so. I also stuck a GPS mount on it (was on my regular bike) too since I geocache... thought it might be helpful for MPH and directions too.

    Hope to learn a lot on here and meet some people from Austin. :)

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    Welcome to MBc. We have quite a few members from the Austin area and 'Lone Stars' in general. You will find a lot of help here on your present bike and your proposed new one. The idea is to look over the Forums, then read, read, and read more. Look up anything that might pertain to what you are doing, then ask some questions in the right Forums. We have a lot of people here willing to help with any sort of hitch or snag you might run into with your current bike or your proposed new one. Good luck with everything.
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    Welcome dj!

    I am between Dallas & Waco.
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    Hey thanks guys!