Name is Marcus, want a motorbike

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    Hi, I'm Marcus and currently visiting Fairbanks, AK, but born and about to return to New Hampshire. I'll be living in an area near the white mountains, and its rural, and want to use a motorized bike to get around instead of having the responsibility of maintaining/buying a car.

    I've been looking at Spooky Tooth's Skyhawk engine, which seems reasonably priced and can do the speed I'm looking for (I think NH law limits you to 50 cc and 30mph) but I'm wondering about endurance. I'd like the ability to do long trips (100 miles in a day, at least once in a while) and I'm wondering if or which engines would be up to use like that.

    I'd also like to be able to use my rear rack to mount panniers/buckets, to do camping trips and haul loads.

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    Hi Marcus, spend a lot of time here and so some searching. Welcome!
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    Welcome to the forum!
    Reliability of these HT engines depends on how each particular engine was assembled at the factory. Some last 100 feet, some last 1000's of miles.
    Alot can be said for proper setup and maintenance though. These engines are quite fond of constant attention, making sure no fasteners have vibrated loose, gaskets and seals are still intact, ect.
    Read through the tech sections here, you will learn alot in short time.