Nashville Bike Cops get Motorscooter Upgrade

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  1. bamabikeguy

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    Motorized scooters help increase police presence
    Ashland City Times - Ashland City,TN,USA
    Instead, Metro police have distributed five scooters among officers who normally ride bicycles downtown. The idea, police said, is to cover more ground ...

    Sharp eyes amongst you forum folks will figure out the cc's and speed. The article says at the end that Memphis bike patrols have upgraded also... :grin:

  2. gone_fishin

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    well, i don't know scooters from elbows...they're way too small for me so i never developed an interest, but i'm sure some sprockethead here is gonna clue us in :)

    so...i emailed the author of the story & mentioned i found the link here. i also extended an invitation to come have a look around MBc 8)
  3. bamabikeguy

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    There ya go, thats how to get those Googooyoohoo search numbers back up in the stratosphere!!! :cool:
  4. psuggmog

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    Maybe they will surplus the old police bikes. I got a made-in-Seattle Raleigh technium ex-Police bicycle framset from city surplus. I built it back up into a bike, installed a early manitou plunger fork. I like showing my "ex-police bike" to motorcycle friends.

  5. bamabikeguy

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    I think you can buy decals that say "Police" "Fire Chief" and other titles.....hmmmmmmmm :cool:
  6. psuggmog

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    The picture really doesn't show it well, the police emblem is reflective.
  7. A happy time would fit nicely in there. And then a cop would have an idea....