Nasty flu on the hozizon and the expensive cure

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    things like this makes you wonder why so many of the America people can not understand why so many other country's , don't trust the American government.
    Scary big bucks for pharma lets just hope there's no whammies, for the world.
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    I've never been able to get to grips with the concept of destroying the planet for massive financial gain.

    The Earth is basically like a soap bubble floating in space; it's the only one we have and everyone needs to breath breathable air and drinkable water and have healthy soil to grow food, in order to be a good tax payer.

    How does destroying the very life support system on the planet benefit those in high places; those who are determined to trash the planet for profit and those who have children of their own who will also succumb to their deadly (toxic) plans intended for everyone else.

    Toxic air, water and food doesn't miraculously stop at the doorstep of elite gated communities and luxury mansions.
    If everyone else gets deathly sick, surely they can't be that naive to think it will not have any effect on them or their spouse or their children.

    It seems incomprehensible to me, but only someone who believes that their biology is different to everyone else living on the planet could think with such logic, otherwise you would be frightened as he!! at the outcome of your actions, and i suspect others in the know would also be frightened as he!!.
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