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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by pedal pusher, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. pedal pusher

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    Any have info on high performance exhaust for the china frame mounted engines?

  2. check dax website under parts. the link is on the left
  3. HI,

    I think the preliminary info on the Dax Hi perf pipe showed no real performance gains...I forget who did a review on it but if you do need a muffler it might be a good replacement....For true high performance you'd need a tuned pipe.

  4. pedal pusher

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    Tuned pipe,thats what Im talkin bout. Where can i find one?
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    I have the DAX Hi Performance pipe and I am getting the same speed as my original pipe, the difference is I went from a 36 T sprocket to a 40 T sprocket. So in reality it increased about 2 to 3 miles an hour. Also with my original pipe I was having to slightly choke the bike in the lower speeds to get good acceleration and un choke after 25 to get up to 32, (this using 2 different carbs). With the new pipe it rolls right up to 32 with smooth and better acceleration. The clearance is close on the peddles, may have to do a little bending.
  6. I did the DAX mod and I showed a renewed difference. But then my exhaust was littered in black tar. I have to say when you can make your exhaust breath that's a good thing.
    Even on my truck I needed an after cat exhaust but it's all too expensive. So for 30 bucks I had a muffler shop simply weld a straight pipe from the cat and exited out to the side with one 45 degree bend.
    No muffler. No bend over the rear axle.
    It's just a tad louder if you can believe that but performance improved vastly. I had this miss felt like not getting enough fuel before this mod,now it's just gone.
    Sorry for derailing a bit but basically the louder your exhaust,the free'er it's breathing.
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    I'm collecting bike picks for a stills vid, that ones definitely going in there, well done.

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    So Dr Olds... I mean w31john, is that pipe pretty wicked or what? It looks hard core but is it workin as good as it looks?
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    W31 is a Olds motor found in many cool 442's and some F85's for those that need ta know. Hey john... I have a safari wagon w/a W30 455...I even got the red wheel wells in it. Anyway..... back ta bikes, sorry guys.
  11. take the baffle out. i did today for shtz n giggles. its louder than ****, but on the bright side my bike would run like a a bat out of **** and have no problem reving up higher than normal.
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    we raced stand up scooters for years,and my friend has built two stroke pipes for more than 30 years.this pipe works very well. as for the w31, i have a 69 F85 w31 take a look it's on the top of the page.