National Consortiums in USA and Europe

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    about a week ago I contacted the CEO of an ebike company, argued for a longtime. They mainly sell slow ebikes and make many pedal assist ebikes. I kept it cordial and in the gist of the conversation they let it slip. They are part of a national consortium of pedal assist manufacturers going state by state and shopping state legislatures throughout the usa to promote their form of ebike and more or less criminalize above 20mph throttle ebikes. Not sure how you guys are going to take this, but they seem well funded and they seem to be winning. Even more hideous of this business group outlawing innovation and foisting off pedal bikes as green when the only real green bikes are throttle ebikes was something else the let slip.

    They have a European counterpart doing the same in Europe to standardize on electric bicycles being mainly less than 20mph less than 750kw ebikes as the norm or even less speed and smaller motor sizes such as in the U.K., you guys over there are particularly hosed when it comes to ebikes. I wanted to pass this info along. I tried to explain to the CEO that trying to compete with pedal bikes ain't gonna work. 1.) Pedal bikes cost anywhere from a tenth the pedal assist cost to about 50% less. So just that factor alone will give most shoppers pause right there. 2.) Batteries are expensive after 3 years and 3.) On a pedal bicycle endless range. All great points.

    Fell on deaf ears with delusional excuses but then again what was anyone expecting so here is all I have to say. For the pedal assist ebike company's, don't buy their junk. Go pedal bike or go gas bike or go motorcycle. Let them sink with their products and struggle. As for my own ebikes I have to tell all of you in over 18,000 miles of riding including over 15,000 bike path miles, it's been a blast, never had an accident, rode safely at normal speeds. Anyhow guys hope all of you are doing well.

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    you can also buy a "slow" ebike and make it faster by increasing the voltage. I increased mine from 24v to 36v.
    If I still had it I would like to experiment by replacing the motor magnets with high power ones. That would make it even more powerful although I don't know if that would increase top speed. Probably would.
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    The Feds say 750W and 20mph maximum capable speed.

    I can live with a 750W because with gears you can do a lot with 750W, but trying to regulate ANYTHING by what is capable of under ideal conditions is beyond stupid bad law making.

    We like to thumb our nose at the Feds here in Arizona, I keep an eye on our legislature and been trying for 5 years to get our laws relaxed.