NC requires insurance on ALL mopeds. Bill passed.

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  1. newbikers

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    As a motor assisted bike enthusiast I am very upset that NC has passed this new law.
    (Details can be found here)

    Basically this means anyone riding any sort of motorized anything is now subject to register and pay insurance on it.

    Seeing how motor assisted bikes aren't actually a scooter or moped I highly doubt any insurance agency is willing to insure a bicycle like this. Furthermore this puts high costs on cheap forms of transportation. If you are young without a driving history, now your premiums will be annually more expensive than the cost of the bike/engine in most instances.

    Please advise what to do in this situation facing NC residents. I am considering just driving my motor assisted bike and facing whatever consequences might come. I highly doubt that any law enforcement is going to throw a fit over a motor assisted bike as they're not actually scooters and such shouldn't be subject to that regulation.

    Let me hear your thoughts on it.

  2. Timbone

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    The populace thinks that the car is freedom (although they are actually slaves to it). They don't have the least inclination to offer cheap forms of transport for the masses. They expect you to get a car and drive it everywhere. It's a horrible situation.
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Sadly........that's pretty accurate.

    But...anyway......why don't you contact some insurance agents? If they'll insure your MB at all, then you've got an advantage; you can shut up the fools who argue that our bikes shouldn't be allowed on the roads at all.

    And if you find that insurance companies simply won't insure it, then what I'd do is ride and try to keep a low profile. Then you won't have a problem unless law enforcement decides to cause a problem for you.

    But most of them, it seems, will ignore you if you don't force their attention.