NE Carb Cover Wind Weirdness


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Feb 18, 2008
I've been enjoying my upgraded WC1 Whizzer for about 3 weeks. Installed new NE top end kit after trashing the valve seats on my old engine. Sure do like Quentin's high-flow muffler insert - nice quiet throaty sound. I now have a very usable motorbike that starts instantly and runs all day without any problems ...EXCEPT that the last 2 times I rode, there was a strong North Wind and when riding into the wind, the engine would die with each strong wind gust. I'd slow way down and it would start right back up and run great until the next wind gust which would kill the motor.
I finally discovered that the chrome air cleaner cover on the new carb was the problem. The cover is designed so that forward motion creates an airflow into the carb like a scoop, which is fine until you are hit with a 25 mph wind gust. The wind forces too much air into the carb and evidently leans the mixture way out - enough to temporarily kill the engine. Took the cover off (just the cover, not the air cleaner), and could run straight into strong wind without any problem. Very Weird. Anyone else experience this?


Head wind

Had the same thing happen on mine. Figured I was running to lean of a mix but ended up doing the same thing you did and it ran fine.:)

Quenton Guenther

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Aug 2, 2007
Hi Everyone, Many, many remove the outer shell of the breather, and honestly it still looks good with the filter exposed, more business looking. K & N makes a breather that fits perfectly, but very little difference compared to the stock breather with the cover removed.
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