Ne Cylinder Kit For Whizzer

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    This is a very rare item as supply of these kits has disappeared!!

    This is one of Quenton Guenther's kits, purchased several months ago for my 1999 Whizzer. Never installed, still in the box as shipped by EZ Motorbike Co., sold the Whiz but not the cylinder kit. So here's your opportunity to upgrade your pre-NE5 Whizzer.

    Kit includes the following:

    Early NE cylinder, ported, decked, seats re-cut, lapped progressive springs, painted and cured.

    Milled head, re-worked combustion chamber, custom copper .010" head gasket, base gasket, tappet cover gasket.

    Head bolt kit & 10MM washers.

    Price is $390 plus shipping. Due to the scarcity of this kit, I could charge more, but I simply want to recoup my expense.

    If you've read anything on this forum about the WC-1 Whizzers, you'll know that this kit greatly improves the performance and the longevity of the Whizzer motor.


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