NE5 oiling problem

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Jun 28, 2008
Westminster Ca.
We bought a Whizzer in 2006 for my daughter to ride back and forth to work. But, as she was riding it each day, she would come home with her pant leg full of oil from the breather.

She tried putting the breather hose in different positions: forward and farther back. But that didn't help. So, she got tired of this and bought a Honda Motorcycle.

I started working on the Whizzer to see if I could fix the problem. Then the dealer told me about Quinton. I called him and talked about it. At the time, he was trying to fix the same problem.

He advised that I put a shield over the hole in the cylinder block, but that didn't work very well. Then he told me about making a tube and pressing it into the hole where the oil comes in through the cylinder block into the valve area.

That helped quite a bit.

Then I covered up half of the hole where the compression release is where the vent tube is attached. That helped as well.

So then, I got the idea about using an old Whizzer breather tube. I called Quinton to see if and where I could get one. He told me there was no place I could tap into the block to hook it up. Then he told me about the idea of making my own out of PVC pipe to try it.

I took a piece of 1 inch PVC pipe, plugged the bottom off, tapped into the side with a 3/8 pipe tap and screwed a 3/8 inch nipple into that. Hooked a 90 degree rubber tube from the nipple to the compression release tube.

Then I took some corse stainless steel scrub pads without soap, pushed them into the one inch PVC pipe. Then plugged the top of it off, then drilled a side hole and put a rubber grommit and pushed a PVC valve in and it worked great.

One problem: when the motor got hot, the nipple came out of the one inch PVC because it's plastic.

Then, because that seemed to work, I made one out of stainless steel and made a nice aluminum bracket. I mounted it off of the front screw of the battery box.

Thanks to Quinton for working with me for about a year, I can ride now without getting oil all over my pants.

He has solved a lot of my problems with his own ideas. Now my Whizzer is almost problem free and I can actually enjoy riding it.

Thanks Quinton, for all the help you have given me and all your ideas of how to stop it from blowing oil.

Your friend,

Big Frank from California

PS Jay, I hope you read this. It may help you with your problem.
oiling problem too

Hi Frank,
If that was me you were talking to in your P.S. I'm going to make one of those oil tubes too. I'm going to get the PVC valve tomorrow.
I rode about 10 miles the other day & lost at least 2 ounces of oil. There was oil all the way back on my tail light. If Quenton says it will work. I do it :)
Ok, sounds good. Tell me how it works out.

One thing you have to watch out for: when you use the PVC, check that the nipple doesn't come loose from the heat. Make the tube about 5 1/2 inches long with a one inch id, and use schedule 40 tubing.

Use PVC glue to glue it in. I used Purolator PV754 valve, and I tie wrapped it the best way I could to see if it would work. Then I made it out of the stainless steel.

I rode 30 miles today and had no problems.

I hope this helps.

Quenton fixed my oil problem !!

I just finished making Quenton's oil separator & took my first ride without losing oil.
Quenton comes through again!! I'm going to try to insert some pics of it.


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