NE5 valve cover leak @ cable mount



I have a Whizzer NE5 & has oil leaking from valve cover where cable mounts to mech. that goes through cover for compression release. I just removed engine to plain .070 from cylinder head, ported exhaust, opened up intake restrictor & advanced cam timing one tooth. I also replace valve cover with new cover & gasket. also installed new breather hose that came with cover to repair oil leak. I just got bike back together. It runs awesome, BUT leak is still the same! Still leaking oil out of compression release mechanism. Has any body had any similar problems. It seems weird that new cover would leak just the same, but I don't know what else it could be. Also motor has 125 mile on it.
howdy clean off oil and run on center stand then see if its from gasket , shaft or casting pin hole in cylinder. hope this helps . Bill Green Vancouver Whizzer
If it isn't the oil, then remove the compression cover, take to hardware store, find the correct size "O" ring that will be very snug around the cam, but not too large that it pinches between the cam and the bottom of the cylinder. On a few older motors [WC-1] I ground a small groove on the cam to hold "O" ring in place against the plate. The "O" ring will help seal the "clearance" between the cam and the hole in the cover.
125 miles? Easy! Just a quick comment, "I break in my motors easy, and they never fail to light-up when asked". Your motor will have a lot more power after another 200 or 300 miles [and less oil pressure], you will be surprized.
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I am using hd 30 motor oil. The oil is coming from compression release shaft. The original cover leaked the same. My wifes 2005 NE5 doesn't even have seepage from shaft. I like the oring idea Quenton, but I thought with new cover the problem should have been corrected. I thought about switching covers from my wifes bike to see what happens. I was just afraid of destroying gasket. Thanks for all the input! It has beed an agravating problem
You need to get the 30wt oil out and use only 40wt. The lighter oil will find any way out it can. Until the engine is broken in, it will have high crank case pressure. After about 500 miles it should be broken in. Please try 40wt and see if you still have the problem.

RdKryton most likely hit the nail right on the head. You need to use straight 40 weight oil - no lighter, synthetic or multi-viscosity oils in these engines.
I wanted to run 40wt, but I am having a heck of a time finding it. However my wifes bike just turned 100 miles & its dry everywhere. 40wt oil may slow it down, but I can't imagine the leak will stop. I rode it today & I actually got some oil drops on my left foot. Its not gushing out, but its bad enough. I however was impressed with the power difference with the upgrades I did, but when I got home from roadtest, it really took the wind out of my sails when I saw the brand new cover leaking! Where is everyone buying oil? I checked our local wallmart & all local auto parts suppliers. (I am auto reapair shop owner) I was so surprised how hard of a time I am having to find it! Thats why I have 30wt in it. Thanks for all the help! Dan
I got Valvoline straight 40wt oil at my local NAPA auto parts store. It was the only variety of straight 40wt they had. They only had one row of it on the shelf, and I almost missed seeing it. Best thing to do is ask at your local parts shop.
You should be able to find heavier weight motor oils at airports where light aircraft are serviced.