NE5 WhIzzer frt Disc Conversion

bill green

Local time
6:58 PM
Jan 5, 2008
Vancouver Washington
Hi all Just orderd new disc fork assy ,wheel ,brake assy . will lace on 24 rim (rino lite) for front and 26 rear ,this sould take up for longer forks .will let you all know how it works out, face it at 45 or 50 mph the NE5 can use more stop power. have fun Bill Green
Bill, let us know how it goes. I know now that my NE5 goes faster I worry about braking - I have to leave a lot of room between me and the car in front - and if I have to stop suddenly I have put the brakes to the test and put my feet on the ground like Fred Flintstone - I would love disc brakes...


Front Disk conversion

Hey Bill. Are the fork tubes the same diameter as the NE5 tubes? I am wondering if it would be possible to just order the steering stem & the upper plate to widen the forks enough to get a disk brake to fit....
Bill, how did this come out? The guys at the Moped Army looked at my NE5 and said that a conversion to disc breaks could be easily done by replacing the drum brakes with mountain bike disc brakes. they said anywhere from 100 - 500 for those disc brakes on e-bay at any given time. let me know as the hills in sf ... starting to scare me.
Hi I have the complete ambasator front end but have not had time to install . With my work on my saltflat bike Im going to to sell the front end at below my cost . If you know anyone that wants to take on the prodject please PM me .. Bill