Necessary Maintanence and mods! w/pictures.

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    I had a chance to document some the techniques I've used to get my motor working well. Just thought I'd share with a few pictures for those people who are new or nervous about popping the head and jug, and port polishing etc. Out of all mods for more performance and power, so far I would say adding an expansion pipe, high compression head are the two biggies. and a MUST is gasket port matching and exhaust port polishing right up there with the other two. Don't use the motor until you do the later. All these things should get you about 3-4HP up from 1.5stock. No dyno numbers but you can tell when you feel it.

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    Great write up and use of pictures. Thank you.
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    Thanks for sharing... very informative!
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    Good Ideas,

    One would assume, by now the HT inlet/exhaust molds and pipes would be matched and standard issue with the kits.

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    Ok. I appreciate the feedback. I'll have more as I go. Def open to any questions aswell.

    No, this is not for the morini owners etc, it's a general guide for stock HT type motors, especially the older gen stuff with **** QC. Yes. newer will tend to be better but never know.

    Here's another little trick I tried out with the transfer ports:

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