need 415 chain help ASAP

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by 350zdrftr, May 1, 2009.

  1. 350zdrftr

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    OK fellas my chain that came with my kit is 3" short. I believe its a 415 chain that seems to be the common one. A bicycle shop told me they can not do it because the chain is too big, they advised me to call a motorcycle shop and I did they said the chain is too small for them to do they said the smallest they mess with is 420 chains. So I need an alternative , on I can get the break and reassemble tool for 12.95 and each individual link of 415 chain is 1.95 so i would prob have to get i think 5or6 of them. Is there any other alternative? thanks to all that reply

  2. lordoflightaz

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    Search the forum for places where you can get the actual chain.

    Also, oddly enough it seems that "gargage door opener" chain seems to be a 415, now what does that tell you about these kits
  3. crazeehorse

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    if you have plenty of clearance between your tire & chain,you can use a # 41 chain. most hardware, & farm supply stores carry them, & you can get master links & half links to get a more custom fit. just remember the #41 chain is about 3/32 of an inch wider than a 415 chain. you can break the chain , by drilling a hole, alittle larger than the rivet pins in a 2 X 4 , center the rivet over the hole, & knock it out with a hammer & a good pin punch or a nail.I bought mine at the local tractor supply store. but they have a website also.
  4. 350zdrftr

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    How well does the 41 chain fit over the sprocket on the motor. ?
  5. HoughMade

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    Perfectly. It is what I use.
  6. crazeehorse

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    also remember, you can't peice the 415, & the #41 chain together. if i remember correctly, the pins for the #41 are a little larger .
  7. 350zdrftr

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    I am going to try the #41 chain if i can find a good price on one
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  8. 350zdrftr

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    Ok everyone I got the 41 chain but I can not get this pin out to save my life . Any other suggestions to get it out ? I am about to take it to a motorcycle shop and let them take it out
  9. crazeehorse

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    maybe use a peice of flat steel to lay it on, instead of wood. a good pin punch works better than a nail. i have also cracked the jaws of my vise, & knocked out the pin through the crack. it helps to have someone assist you in holding the chain up level with your work area.
  10. 350zdrftr

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    Ok I am going to give it a shot tonight if I can't get it the local motorcycle shop wants 10 bucks to do it tomorrow
  11. 350zdrftr

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    Got the 41 chain to work thanks everyone I owe you
  12. crazeehorse

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    Great, I knew you could do it. it will be easier next time.
  13. echotraveler

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    had the same problem

    better to buy more 415 chain and hack away the 3" you may need less chain than what the eyes tell..

    but yeah, you MUST buy a nice chain breaker tool... at least 2 links, just to have a spare.

    having patience, can save at least 30$