Need 5/8" keyed Hua Sheng engine

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by dougsr.874, Feb 14, 2011.

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    Notice:::a stage lll gear box will NOT fit the 4 stroke kit sold by bgf.....I have a kit from bgf and a gearbox from Bicycle HS engine from BGF is not keyed and the shaft does not extend out .....The gearbox that came with the BGF kit has the initials XHD on also has a chain drive inside the this the Hoot gearbox, and is it worthwhile to try to use it......????????? I find myself in quite a fix..Please help

  2. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Dougsr.874,

    BGF isn't the only one selling the HS motor with the short tapered shaft. The single & double chain Hoot boxes, some versions of the 4G, and Dax motors have the short tapered shaft. Some of the HS motors with the longer 5/8" shaft are threaded 1/4 X 28, and some are 6 MM. Some of the 5/8" shafts require a smaller key, and some of the longer shafts aren't 5/8" but 15 MM.

    BTW we haven't received any good reports on either the single or double chain Hoot boxes. We have reports of the chain stretching and ripping the teeth off the front sprocket. Several have tried to install tension units inside, but last reports indicated the chain just weren't holding up.

    We had a special crankshaft extension made to retro fit our drive to the tapered motor, but the cost & lack of demand shelved the project.

    Have fun,
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    To Quenthon::::I was trying to use a Stage lll gearbox and the HS engine like Bicycle-Engines. com sells in the kits.....Now I have a kit that I dont know what to do with...should I waste my time and a bike and install it ......In you opionion what should I do with this kit from BGF
  4. hs engine

    since you already have the HS with tapered shaft you might want to consider using the 4g trans that is made for the hs with tapered shaft.
  5. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Dougsr.874,

    Enjoyed our conversation on the phone yesterday. It isn't a secret that the 4G has also had its share of issues. If you elect to use the 4G be sure to do a little research concerning the clutch, freewheel, and ratios.

    If you decide to continue with the "hoot" single chain drive, I would suggest finding a quality chain to replace the existing version, and design some way to keep the chain tight while in motion. I am aware of a few attempts to fix the shorcomming of the primary chain drive system from "Hoot", but it will require constant service. If possible install a spring loaded idler on the return path of the chain, but remember the chain is turning at motor speed [very fast, up to 8000 RPMs] and it might be wise to use an idler with a chain sprocket as opposed to a flat idler. It is also important to locate the idler as close to the front sprocket as possible to make the chain wrap around the smaller sprocket.

    I know of a couple attempts to install a HD Sportster guide, but the chain managed to cut a path into the guide and allowed the chain to jump the front sprocket.

    As we discussed on the phone, the best solution is to replace the crankshaft in the motor to the longer 5/8" shaft and use the Stage lll gearbox.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

    Have fun,
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    If you are going to change the crankshaft, whould you not also have to machine off .750 - 1.00 in. of the left side of the crankcase cover, to get the Type III gearbox to sit and align properly?

  7. dougsr.874

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    The crankcase cover is thicker with the hoot gearbox....I assume the cover would have to be replaced also....and yes, I know what assume means...
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    Sorry for your troubles.BGF does sell the 5/8 shaft Engine as a one piece deal...engine only.When you buy those kits with the gear box already installed you never know what engine your going to get! Hope you get it worked out.