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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Dmar, Aug 4, 2016.

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    I'm looking for a complete bike to build. I've bought the same bike twice and both times I get only about 2 miles and the coaster brake just gets destroyed. The jerk who sold me the bike was just taking my money and my time that I worked at his house. Working at his house took money out of my pocket because I took time off of my second job. Sorry got off track I just need a reliable bike. Need help!!!!!!!

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    I'm sure it's your thread I posted on last night..

    Look for old zoom forks. (look at any dumpster fork.. does the arch brace have the v brake lugs on it and does it unbolt from the fork?)
    Ask your local bike shop for a rear brake cable and full length (single piece) cable outer because you don't have lugs, buy a new v brake, ask if they have any trash forks to give away. Don't mention motors.
    Polish the rust off the V brake lugs on the dumpster fork, unbolt the arch brace with the lugs from the s****y Zoom so-called suspension fork and attach it to your seat stays with anything that works but doesn't involve drilling a hole in the frame. Probably perfectly fine to drill one in the arch, though.