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  1. image.jpeg image.png image.jpeg Okay this is what I need. I need to know the minimal space needed in order for my new engine to fit on a bike. I own a SkyHawk GT5A 66cc motor. I followed the suggested dimensions I read prior to my purchase of the engine & I went ahead and purchased a bike based off of that & after a lot of bitching & cursing I sadly realized the engine wouldn't fit. I'm returning the bike & getting a new one today (undecided on a cruiser or mountain bike) but I need some help from you guys & gals first. I'm including pics of my motor, the suggested dimensions & the bike I'm returning, hope that helps. Also if some input can be given please give the needed dimensions in inches. Thanks everyone!

  2. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    the top backbone of the frame needs to be more horizontal
  3. FurryOnTheInside

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    Can you put a piece of cardboard box against the side of the engine and draw around it, cut it out, then take the cardboard cutout with you when you buy the bike or would that be too indiscreet?
  4. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    go for it! MBers can't be shy.
  5. bakaneko

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    I would just take the engine along and put some thin rubber in engine mounts to prevent scratches...
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  6. Carl

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    I thought of something similar but my issue was I wanted to reframe from putting the engine together. The previous frame fit way to snug, everything fit except the spark plug wire, another 1 1/2" & I would of cleared it.
  7. Frankenstein

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    That's a huffy fortress, I've personally worked on that exact bike for an individual and a 66cc does fit. In fact we used that bracket that let's you use the engine on a wide down tube so that takes even more room away, what do you mean by it not fitting? Like the front bolts don't go past the frame or what? Please explain it further because I know beyond any doubt that the engine will fit.
  8. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    Additionally the person who attempted to put the motor on decided not to mount the front part of the engine, he figured because the bolts wouldn't go past the frame (they aren't far enough part to get past the tube) that he would just let it go. Luckily he didn't use it before bringing it over to us and we caught that he didn't use a bracket for wide tubes. After that fix he's been rolling around for at least a month now without issues
  9. FurryOnTheInside

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    So get the next largest size of that bike? Or turn the head around so the plug faces forward.. which doesn't make all that much difference to the running of the engine as far as is written in this forum.
  10. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    get a 29" wheeled bike for the roomy space for the engine.
  11. Ahmad Darwish

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    You need at least 26 in frame if you want it to fit nicely, I also recommend a beach cruiser without the coaster break if you could find 1.
  12. I just got a 29" beach cruiser, is an aluminum frame ok?
  13. Sorry for the delay. After fitting the 66cc in the bike frame it did fit but was to snug. The spark plug actually touched the break wire on the underside of the cross tube & this was without the spark plug wire attached. Hey I'll be the first to admit I'm a total noobie to all this, I have no mechanical skills to speak of but I am in the construction field so I'm only about 60% lost. So the bolts fit on the cross & down tubes but after seeing how tight it was I figured I screwed up on the dimensions some how.
  14. Ahmad Darwish

    Ahmad Darwish New Member

    Yeah, but what really matters is the rims, you should try to get 12 guage spoke if possible, the motor puts alot of stress on em
  15. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    Who built the frame? If its huffy then just toss it in the trash, seriously, aluminum frame by them will not hold up in the long run.

    The huffy fortress, you tried fitting in and it was snug, my question is what head are you using, I would highly recommend that frame because it's just a good one. (they have their gems) as to why I'm interested in the head type, well if it's a slant head, you can turn it around and face the spark plug towards the front.

    If it's not a slant head, then it's probably a regular head with the plug going straight out, that's easily fixed by purchasing a slant head for under 10 bucks, shipped.

    Aluminum frames just don't cut it, unless you can find a good brand, and a bike meant for trails and jumps downhill.

    The other guy has a point, the spokes should be upgraded unless you get a clamp on hub adapter.

    Steel frames that fit motors can be found rather easily on things like Craigslist, usually you can get an entire bike in working or nearly working condition too.

    It's a lot to absorb, I know, but then again, you're both trying to have fun, which requires the longevity of the motor and the actual bike, and the bike fitting your size body and riding style, and also is good for the fun if the bike doesn't disintegrate under you at high speed.

    I have a friend who swapped his motor between 3 bikes recently, one frame broke, the next was too big, and the last is OK but still he wants a beach cruiser, so swap 4 will happen again soon.

    Most 26 inch frames for a medium to large person will hold a motor. Most stores sell 26 inch bike parts, some sell exclusively 26 inch, because it's so popular.

    I would look around just a while longer, I know it's very hard to resist the need to shove that motor into something and zip off into the sunset, but Rome wasn't built in one day. Take your time to do it all right, and you'll find yourself much happier in the end.

    (that huffy fortress man, I'm telling you, it fits, and it works, and very robust, and it's a very comfortable bike and size, next bike I build will be that bike beyond a doubt.)
  16. Frankenstein, I really appreciate the lengthy responses. The aluminun bike I have now is a Genesis GX. Not sure if that's a quality bike or not. (It did have good reviews but of course those don't from riders who have a motor on their bikes) I'll include a pic, the frame is all ready for the install but I'm hesitant to start cause I'm waiting to go ahead with a definite decision on the frame. Your right about being anxious to start riding but I am willing to wait on finding a frame & parts that will give me as few problems as possible in the long run. The other point of getting new 12 gauge spokes or a clamp on hub adapter, which would you go for? I am trying to spend as little money as possible so I avoid hearing my wife's legitimate complaints about spending money on another hobby. With either way you'd go do you know the best place to purchase the item?? As always thx for the help!

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  17. Frankenstein

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    A clamp on hub adapter is a nice addition, but runs almost twice as much as new spokes, however with spokes it will run probably twice the cost of an adapter if you can't install them yourself, which also relies on you measuring yourself, and getting the correct lengths yourself. On the fortress, you can do without either. But if you want to spring the money then tell your wife what I tell mine, after the base price, everything additional is for safety reasons, an adapter is a good way to ensure you won't have the chain rip the back wheel apart at 30mph and that means you are less likely to be injured badly, which will make her feel better about the price, as long as it's in reason.

    My wife was pissed as a bell when I was "spending too much time" building my light system, but it calmed her a bit when I explained that brake lights and running lights and turn signals were important for my safety. Lol...
  18. I also have a decent light system already to be installed..... and I'm definitely going with the safety point when it comes to my wife LOL
  19. Carl

    Carl Guest

    Quick question. I have the 415 chain that came with the kit. I seen on here there's supposedly a better chain to buy, a #41 from Tractor Supply. What's your opinion? And do you know if I can use a chain breaker for this #41 chain on the 415?
  20. Frankenstein

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