need a derny

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    I am a bicycle track racer in Texas. Looking for a real derny to use for motor pacing. Anyone know who the manufacturers are in Europe or elsewhere?

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    Welcome to MBc. I'm sure someone here can help you...I sure can't because I have no earthly idea what a 'derny' is, or even know what one looks like...nor would I know a 'real derny' from a 'fake derny.' I would suggest that you first give us your name, then post your question with a little more info and a picture in the proper forum. Good luck on your derny quest.

    Redact: Well I learned something today. Thank You. However, I still don't know where you can get one in the U.S. It seems there are a lot of places in Europe, especially in Belgium, where they were born. I would just keep searching both here and Google. I'd still put your plight and a photo in our forums (Buy/Sell/Trade and/or General Discussion). I'm certain that some of our thousands of members can point you in the right direction. Good Luck.
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    You are in the right place to build your own.


    Hello Trackie,

    DERNY is originally a French motorcycle builder. You have probably already find lot of informations about him on the net :




    This manufacturer doesn't exist anymore, but, we can find several of "normal" 1950 model to sell in the French ads site. The motor pacing version is less easy to find.

    Here are two actual examples :

    One antique and original "normal" DERNY : (The main difference is in the shape of the casing on the back of the motorcycle)

    One modern homemade combination based on a 250cc YAMAHA :

    I think that in France, today, there's no more builder of bikes for motor pacing.

    I'll try to find if a manufacturer still exists, but it will not be easy.

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    History aside, a bicycle with an 80cc 2 stroke and SBP shift/jackshaft kit should be an adequate pacer.
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    Derney for sale

    I realize it's been a long time since the original post but a friend of mine has a real Derny for sale. Write to me if you're still on the market for one of those. This one is vintage but can be put in working order with a tune up. I believe it dates from 1968 if I remember correctly.

    csovalle at gmail dot com
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    re the derny: is it still for sale please?