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    PAPAROACH Member

    I'm looking for a identification plate or decal for a 49cc frame mounted motor. Nothing to complicated just enough to make anyone looking at the bike to think its really a 49cc engine. If anyone knows how to make these on there computer or could possibly scan one and email it to and i will get one made. I think this the hardest thing i have tried to get for this bike. :bowdown:

  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    I suppose some local printing shop could make you something out of plastic or, perhaps, something more durable. Maybe not any place could do it, but I'd bet that some can.

    Is your purpose to allay any suspicions from the police about whether or not you are legal?
    If so, then I wouldn't worry all that much. They don't seem to question engine size. Though I guess there could always be an exception.
  3. pucksterpete

    pucksterpete Member

    Here is what I did. I have a 66cc, so I found the 48cc images on the net, resized them, printed them on some label paper, laminated them with soft flexible laminate, removed both the sticker & plate, decreased the area and put them on. They came out nice. Pics of what I used are below.

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    PAPAROACH Member

    Thanks Puck

    I will print those images on sticker paper and then adhere them to a metal plate. This makes life a little better.
    Thank You
  5. Stan4d

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    Is anyone aware that the forum does not endorse or condone this?
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