Need a fabricator for a fuel tank

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    I need a 1 gallon fuel tank to OEM fit a honda50cc or a titan, same mounts. Because this is a rack mount I need the height to be minimized because the honda stands pretty tall as it is, issue of swinging my leg to mount the bike. The mounts need to be offset so the majority of the tank is to the rear of the bike so as to not be up against the seat. Aluminum is preferred but copper/brass is acceptable. Mounts must be sturdy and I'd prefer a screw on fuel cap with threads not a m/c style cap thats just half a turn to close. Who ever does this must be some one that has a posting history and has been around awhile. I do not mind paying for quality work and would need to see a few pics of your work. PM me and we'll talk if interested, no hurry.