Need a job,or income NOW to continue riding

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  1. ZnsaneRyder

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    Hello MBC, I love riding my bicycle a whole lot! I wish to keep riding, but however it's getting harder. Somethings gotta change for the better!!!

    I've been out almost every single day putting in multiple job applications and visiting several places, trying to find a job. I have a 2-year Associate's Degree in Computer Sciences from College, and not even Checkers or McDonald's will hire me!!!! THIS IS ABSURD AND COMPLETELY INSANE!!!!

    I had a temporary Electrical job making 10.00/hr, but it only lasted 1.5 months, so here I am again, jobless, and riding a *%$#$ bicycle around town, while my Trusty old 1986 Toyota Celica sits and rots! :shout: :veryangry:

    All these miles are starting to really take their toll. My new bicycle I'm riding, the rear wheel has broken 2 spokes now, and I had to bend the wheel straight AGAIN, after going about 18mph!!! I Hate my *$#&% dirt road!!! I travel HUNDREDS of miles totalling over 1200 miles on this new bike, probably 4000+miles on the trailer, I travel even out of county, yet break my darn bike or trailer almost EVERY TIME on this darn road to-and-from my home!!! My other bike's rim got completely mangled the SAME way, 2 or more spokes break from my weight and hitting bumps on rough country roads. GAS COSTS ARE NO ISSUE, as I can put in just a dollar and go anywhere, its the breaking parts and needing to eat that costs more.

    This is getting on my *#$@ nerves! I REALLY want to do the Tampa-Bay January 31st, 2009 ride, but I gotta get some money to make sure I'll make it!!!!

    I'm VERY popular in town due to my "creation" but however no jobs will hire me!!! Everyone asks questions, and even HOW MUCH I'll build one for, but no one buys or has any money! I'm wasting precious miles on my breaking &^^ride, just trying to make a living and find work, and I'm holding it together, but if I end up walking, I'm going to raise *$#%#$ %^## like a psycho in all the places that were rude to me just because I wanted an application!!!!

    I also could not pay all my court costs, and now have to find community service to take care of those fees, but if my bike breaks, how in the world will I ride to complete those hours!!!

    I've been here at MBC since late June, and have NOT had a steady job SINCE THEN, which is 6-months!!! Just a $%#@! electrical job for 1.5 months around October-November that lays me off after the restaurant work was done!!!!

    Any of you folks here having so much trouble finding a job? I want to ride, but I may end up being ZnsaneWalker if it doesn't change.
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  2. stude13

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    hi zr; it doesnt sound good. with your bike knowlege and smallengine know how, maybe there some work there. im fortunate to be retired but ive looked for work and its a no go for me too. is there farm work? i wish you well. mitch
  3. macarollo

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    Have you thought about buying/selling HT built bikes?

    I sold one on craigslist pretty quick for $400.

    The kits are cheap to buy and you can install it on a bike pretty quick.

    You could invest $200-$250 into each build... make $150 or more off of each bike.

    If I could not find a job I might think about that.

    Those HT kits are dirt cheap on ebay...
  4. Accender

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    Please don't take this wrong.
    Join the Military.
    It worked for me.

  5. ZnsaneRyder

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    I understand, and that's good for some people.

    After the troubles I've dealt with in my life, including an overprotective & repressive militant father, I would not go into the military. Thanks for the recommendation, however, that is not the path I wish to take, as I have goals and freedom needs in my life that require me to make the most of what life I have here for myself, and I cannot under any circumstances, have some authority figure telling me when to eat, sleep, etc.
  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Znsane, how long is your dirt road?

    :idea: Easier for me to say, but keep your speeds down to like 5mph on the dirt road.

    Be patient while driving slowly on the dirt roads. Just say to yourself "When I get off this bike-eating road, I'm gonna let 'er rip!!!:devilish:

    I also recommend installing and selling motorized bikes. China engine kits...

    :idea:ANNND used bikes with weedwhacker engines.

    You could probably buy and assemble a weedwhacker bike for $50 and sell for $100-$150.

    Then charge the owners for future maintenance and repairs.:idea:

    Why limit yourself? Buy or scrounge cheap bikes, paint and sell without engine.

    Also do maintenance and repairs on regular bikes.

    Advertise on craigslist.
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  7. ZnsaneRyder

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    Yes, I have considered it, and I may go that route, to make some money. It doesn't have to be a lot of money, since I have a Motored Bicycle, it's cheap to get around. I don't have a bank account after going through marriage issues, so I may get my parents to set up an Ebay account, or use craigslist.

    I don't have any money to purchase a bicycle or kit, but I'll figure it out. As of right now, I have several schematics and have designed a complete bicycle handlebar-mount electrical system, that is ready to be put on to any bicycle. I may sell those, and if some of you folks here may want those, I may put these in the For Sale forum.

    I spent too much money while working, trying to build my new 80cc bicycle - then the darn electrical job ended. I have 100.00 invested in a Staton-Hubbed, 24" Plastic Tuff-Wheel & solid No-flat tube, plus almost $50 for a 48T freewheel sprocket, plus another ~$200.00 invested in the 2.5HP 80cc engine, c-clutch, and metal bars and bolts, yet it's not completed. My brother borrowed my 2.5HP engine for his bike-trailer, as he was too broke to buy his own, but he's working again, and I'm still not, so I may have to try to get my engine back from him, or work out a payment plan to have some living money.

    I know a guy that wants to sell a complete working tricycle for only $50, and as soon as I can get that, I'll be motoring around on that tricycle, with a FOR SALE sign on it. I would LOVE to build bikes to get me by, and maybe the internet is the only avenue for people with money to buy something I may build, as everyone else here is too broke to buy a bike, or has too much money and a car, to even care about a bicycle.

    I'm also getting really tired of weird people in town stopping me to talk to me on my bicycle, and wanting my help because I look young and intelligent, and they think I have something to offer them, but they have little or nothing to offer me, so I may go online instead. Even if I build bicycles, I still need a job as well, so I'll be working hard to make these ends meet.
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  8. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    You are right, I need to be patient, and just take the time to pedal my 1.25 mile dirt road. I usually do for some of the smoother part, but I may just pedal the whole thing and be extra-patient until I hit the highway and let er rip! I was going out to pick oranges from uncared-for orange tree fields that never get harvested, to have some free eats, and should have been more patient, and in no hurry. I loaded my trailer with over 50 oranges last night.

    I did build a 6.5HP tricycle, and was getting paid for the maintenance, but the owner crashed it into an SUV at night because he was too darn cheap to have me put lights on it, so now that tricycle is impounded (nice, huh :rolleyes7: ) I'll have to find new bikes to work on.

    Thanks for the help, and the ideas. I hope to be building bikes soon.
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  9. bamabikeguy

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    My only regret is not having my camera when we designed a Pizza Delivery trailer for a customer in Selma. The bike was a regular cruiser with a 35cc GEBE Robin Subaru, but for less than $50 we built a single wheeled trailer, like the motorcycles use, with an arm secured to the engine mount.

    The customer is making a whole lot more money than the other drivers, that has always been my contention, in urban situations, bikes can be used to deliver pizza, auto parts from stores to the garages, pharmacy delivery...etc.

    As to the wheel, from the beginning I've recommended those $35 steel wheels, my bike shop took mine apart to inspect the bearings, and they were perfect after thousands of miles. To prevent rust, you can slather them with paint remover and then put on clear coat or paint them.

    But with zip ties on the spokes, they never will bend.
  10. macarollo

    macarollo Guest

    It doesn't sound like you would even consider the military, but I think your ideas of it are a little twisted. I am in the Air Force Reserve and it is nothing like you describe.

    You show up for work Mon-Fri, 7:30-4:30, do your job and then go home. Your bosses are probably not going to be micromanagers controlling every aspect of your life. I find my supervisors to be very similar to my job in the civilian world.

    You might not have the freedom you want (you would get deployed every 2 years for 3-4 months- Air Force) and you might be moved around the country every 4 years.

    During boot camp it almost is like what you describe. Once you get done with that the real military is much different than boot camp.

    ... I know you are not interested, I just wanted to let you know what it is like.
  11. macarollo

    macarollo Guest

    Now that gas is cheaper people may be less interested in 100+mpg motorized bikes, but I think they still want them.

    The people you know do not have money, but there are tons of people who check craigslist who you don't know that I bet would want to buy a motorized bike. You can easily turn a quick profit selling those HT kits (I'd replace all of those cheap bolts so they don't come back after a week wondering why it broke).

    Good luck.
  12. lordoflightaz

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    You need a Liberal Art's degree, to say "Want fries with that order"

    Go to a University, get student loans, get hired by the school to work in the computer lab. This will give you another couple of years to find a real job.
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  13. HoughMade

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    Don't get discouraged. Keep looking and enlist every person you know who might know anyone to get your name out there.

    Good luck.
  14. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    we will admit -- it looks to be a full time job these days -- looking for a job
    wish it was like it used to be for you younger one's wishing to find work
    but it seems to be true fact now -- we are in hard times -- could be for a long time

    ZnsaneRyder -- have you ever thought about trying to get employment at
    a large tree trimming company ?
    I did many years of trees when I was younger -- it's pretty good work
    especially for a younger man
    don't need to go to the gym -- keeps you in shape
    trees are always growing and needing to be trimmed

    good luck MM
  15. BoltsMissing

    BoltsMissing Active Member

    Try some volunteer work in between searching for paid work, it might be just luck you will find paid work from doors opened at voluntry work places.
  16. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Znsane, try to go back to school for a bachhelor's degree. You're halfway there! That B.A. will open many doors.

    My daughter and son just went back to community college. They're single, she's 30, boy just made 27, both unmarried no kids. They tried college right after high school, both flunked out. My son's failing cost us over $50,000.:confused:

    Both of them work menial jobs, subsidized by the Bank of D.A.D. I had a heart-to-heart talk with my son, encouraging him to return home and get his degree in nursing. Then he can return to Cali and enjoy a more successful life. If not, in 10 years he'll still be at Square One. No woman will marry a man who can't even afford to take care of himself.

    To spur them on, I went back to community college night classes. If their 62 year old father can go back to school after being out for 40-something years, retire from a career and then work fulltime for the state while attending classes, they have absolutely no excuse not to try again. I also challenge my kids to beat my GPA. Mine is 3.78, son's is 4.0, daughter's 3.60.

    Son just moved back home last night. Daughter returned home after failed relationship. My wife went up to California to help him clean up, sell everything and bring him home. All he brought home was his clothes, laptop, dog and a car.

    Daughter selling her '06 MiniCooper and they will share his older Nissan which is paid off. They have five years to attain their degree and get the heck outa my house.

    What I'm trying to say is do everything in your power to further your education while supporting yourself. The bicycle business or delivery service may be your ticket to go to school and work.

    Good luck, Znsane.
  17. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    Good advice. My Dad gave me some advice that is simple and deceptively wise at the same time:

    What this means is that you don't just want a good paying job where you are dependent on the employer and have no transferable skills. Ask (former) auto workers how that's working for them. Made good money for a while, but without the job at the auto plant, many have nothing they can use in another field.

    My Dad followed his own advice by going to technical school in the '50s and then working on missile guidance systems in the Army (when joining was not a matter of choice). He then did the same work as a civilian. When the defense budget was cut way down in the '70s, my Dad was without a job for 11 months (with a family), but had his education and skills. He went on to get a job designing diagnostic medical equipment and has several patents.

    I followed his advice going the more "traditional" route getting a B.A., then a J.D. My firm may not always be around, but I own my law license and experience. I will always be able to find a place.

    I have friends who are top notch machinists, iron workers, welders, paint and body guys, etc. They own those skills, but did not get them in college. The key is having a marketable skill whether obtained in college or elsewhere- "job" is too short-term a goal.

    It's never too late to follow this advice, but your twenties are a good time to live poor and get your education and skills. Trust me, I have friends who are dead ended in their jobs in their late 30s and are getting the education now, but all wish they had thought more long-term 15 years ago.
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  18. MotorMac

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    Lordoflightaz is right, life is what you and only you make of it ,posting on this forum that you are looking for a job will get you nothing but advice and perhaps some sympathy.
    Go back to school and get a degree in something really useful, find out what trades that employers are crying out for and unable to get enough of, I,m not sure but perhaps plumber? oil rig worker? medical equipment technician? the list goes on and on.
    You are still young enough to do this.
    I worked summers as a marine mechanic and also had a general contracting business for 20 years right up until the recession back in 1989 when things plummeted and there was no work, went back to university and became a teacher for the deaf using the little bit of skill I had at the time with sign language.
    Thats my advice to you,go back to school,take it from a guy who,s been there and done that. Cheer up things will get better. Mac
  19. machiasmort

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    I admire your perseverance and to some degree even your attitude (although negative). What Houghmade said about Auto workers for the most part is true. I'm one who worked at a plant runnin CNC Lathes for 12yrs. However I'm not the kind of individual to lay down with a bag of chips either! The plant went to China and left me a back that I'm lucky I could still walk with.

    At 37 I've got a few years experience building machinery, doing collision work (high end), 1 yr of college (Employment Law and CRJ mixed). I've also got a 2yr mechanics degree and 6 months experience working for the department of Treasury USA. I've held a lot of part time jobs in between fencing, painting, pizza delivery, anything short of prostitution for a buck man! Actually(23) I was drinking at the bar one night and an attractive 45 yo female offered me money, but that's another story.

    That hard nosed Father you described sounds somewhat like mine. I never had friends over growing up, they were all like what the f ^( k is his problem. If I had it to do again, I'd join the Military brother! Wouldn't be any worse than livin in my house growin up!
    Infact, you'd probably be good for them!

    Having a bad back has left me severely limited as to what I can do right now physically. I have to adapt and am thinking about school again. While looking for a job recently (having door after door slammed in my face), I walked into a pizzeria and offered to work a day for free. My disability is obvious in the way I walk and everybody is afraid to hire me. Guess what? It was the owner I made the offer to and he started me that night.

    You need to decide what's right for you. I say school or Military as a friend because your competing with a lot of other workers right now for jobs that will only beat the heck out of your body. You'll wind up like me! What area do you live in?
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  20. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    I appreciate all of your responses. I just hope my post was really understood.

    I'm going about this as positively as possible, and don't want to be negative, but I can't ignore reality, or cover it up with some comforting words that hide the real truth as most people seem to do in life. I prefer the cold hard truth, and not an opinion or "common knowledge". AS a man, I'm not afraid to admit my wrongs, or my rights. I'm not looking to be completely positive or negative, I'm looking to be FOR REAL.

    I'm not looking for any sympathy at all, but I am looking for real good advice or tips, as we all do when we come to this great forum. I prefer to think for myself and not need advice, but sometimes I can't think of or do everything, although I wish I could.

    I'm holding my head high, and will continue to look for work, but I've been making side-money that at least keeps me going. I hope to be building some unique bikes soon along with MANY other things.

    I have some serious questions about school or college...........How would going back to college help me when I need a job to get money now? How can I just go to school when I need a job to finance my living & traveling expenses? How would I afford the ride to college, or the food needed to support myself during the many hours spent at college? How do I pay for my school loan if the "real" job I'm "supposed to" get doesn't happen? I LIKE the idea of going to school, but in reality, does it pay the bills?

    When I went to school, a computer job was considered a "real" job, unlike those "other" jobs that don't pay so well. Now some say that is not a "real" job after I spent my time and earned a degree. Contradictory stuff like that is what makes me want to just ignore what anyone has to say, and just think for myself and come up with my own unique solutions. It looks like college is a huge false promise, and we are all educated to believe that it does us good, as the system educates us to believe, along with many other things. Promise a job with a six-figure income, and you can get anybody to attend your college and make a dirty profit! I WOULD LOVE SOMEONE TO PROVE THAT TO BE WRONG! With that, I should start a Motorized Bicycle college and make a killing!

    Going my own way has worked much before, as I built a MB trailer with NO JOB, just out of money earned from junking two old cars of mine, and using a handtruck frame, and an old bike, and managed to get a fine machine months later that can reliably go 50Mph and 100MPG and has made a big impact here. I had people tell me that it was stupid and it wouldn't work, and others tell me to be "serious" and just fix the two piles of junk (cars) of mine, despite not even having enough money for transmission fluid and gas. Now I'm the one riding around, having a great time, and the same people in town that downed my MB idea, are the same ones that wave with a fake smile now, while I have a real smile, because I stuck to my idea and thought for myself. :jester:

    I will continue to appreciate and accept all your advice, as I'm VERY sure that some of you have been through times of long unemployment, and have figured out ways to overcome it. I will take the advice, and use it to come up with my own solutions, as to think for myself.

    Happy, and Insane Riding,