Need a Little help CDI? Short out??????

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by BHI420Nati, Jul 21, 2013.

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    So I got a flying horse 66/80cc engine. It was running fine the other day and bogged down then stopped all together. When I took out the plug it had compression and since the spark plug was filthy I figured that was the problem. I put the new plug in and it doesn't turnover when I let out the clutch and the back tire locks up, all though it kind of sounds like its trying. Im thinking it could be the plug connector or the spark plug wire. The connector doesn't seem to fit on the plug. Plus the spark plug connector came off of the wire from the cdi. So I cut the wire and wrapped the insides around the spark plug to see if it would run. Nothing. Im guessing I need a new cdi. Thanks for reading any advice would be appreciated.

  2. crassius

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    first, I would check that the new plug is not getting hit by the piston - if not, I'd check for spark
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    My boss is pretty handy and we worked on it today. The spark plug wasn't hitting the piston. It seems like it wants to run but just wont. It was getting a spark bc it tries to kick it just wont. It should be running but wont. but I will go loosen the plug right now but I don't think that's it. thanks for reply
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    if the spark plug is wet, I'd next check for air leaks at the carb, and then check crank seals for leaks
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    I'd agree with crassius - check for spark and fuel. It's a possibility of a clogged exhaust or fuel-line restriction (gas tank or fuel filter). You stated in Post #1 that your plug was filthy (fouled), maybe time to clean the carburetor, jets and air filter while your at it.

    Good Luck,

    AKA: BigBlue
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  6. HeadSmess

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    dirty plug and bogging does sound like a bad carb. fuel level too high or something. but no mention of leaks or fuel dripping so maybe not.

    but to be dirty at the plug it would have to be rich, so looking in the carb and making sure the jets still on would be a good bit. then clean it all anyways.

    hold plug wire next to head and spin motor. check spark and be definite. guessing doesnt help.

    while carbs off, pour a capful of fuel down the intake and try starting it.

    and then, depending on use or QC...check the exhaust for blockages.
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    So basically I just bought this thing and had nothing but trouble with it I decided to send it back bc it is under 30 day warranty. It had a spark, fuel was flowing. My guess was the carb too, but im just gonna send it back and hope for a refund or replacement
  8. crassius

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    let us know how that works out for you - I've never had one that I could send back
  9. HeadSmess

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    ditto that. return postage has always been more than the item cost. australia is good that way.

    ive never returned anything, ever!
  10. Big Red

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    Dirty carb or coil going bad. If you're getting a spark it don't mean you're getting a GOOD spark, (coil.) And if the carb is clogged you might get enough fuel for low RPM's and not flowing enough for the high rev's. But with the fouled and dirty plug I'm leaning towards the coil. (coil went bad or corrosion on it.) But first do the easy stuff. Put in a NGKB6HS spark plug and screw in a good auto grade plug wire and boot. Make sure the kill switch isn't sticking (disconnect it,) and all wiring is solid and not grounding out somewhere. If ya can't get it to "POP" after this then it's time to check the coil.
    Big Red.
    P.S. 99% of the time the coil goes bad before the CDI. Even a NEW coil can go bad quick sometimes. They make em real cheap, Thats why they're only about $12.
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