need a new engine.

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by linnix13, Apr 27, 2009.

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    well with the death of my HT im now looking for a new engine. i want something that will be equaly if not more powerfull than the one i had. i am looking at this

    they all seem to be better made than the one i got but im particularity looking at the 4-stroke engine(ik im in the 2 stroke section sorry) i dont have alot of mony and i want something that will use my existing sprocket and parts, so how powerfull is that 4 stroke? its only 49cc so how can it have much power? and what are grubbee like for reliability. i was surpassing 3000km when my HT died so i would like something that will outlast that. thanks

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member does not sell the Grubee gearbox

    It has to be the "Hoot" gearbox which is really bad

    The 49 cc 4 stroke motor is good though
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    so then that 4 stroke is bad news? C.R.A.P!
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    I have a Zoombicycle engine arriving UPS today. 80cc slant plug. $145 free shipping. I will post tomarrow on what I think altho others here have told me that they have these kits and they are good ones. From looking at the pic on your other thread those gears look like they got hot. Maybe there was no lube on the shafts from the factory. Also is there a chance you lost a clutch bearing and it got in that gear train breaking the tooth?
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    what happend was the bearing inside the large gears shaft broke and seized up wich resulted in the little gear failing, there was no lube on it and that was user error, im unsure on how the inside bearing failed but i did ride this engine very very hard, also it had over 3000km on it. it is a great engine and its very very reliable(except this) this is the first problem i have had with this engine and i intend to fix it and get another 3000km out of it!.

    the one piece of advice that i will give you is on the engine break in period, i ran it on a 12:1 mixture and for the first 500km i rode from 10-30kph and then back to 10kph then to 30kph and just repeat riding from low rpm to moderate rpms for a half hour around town then stop and let it cool down and then repeat the process until you have around 500kms on the engine. (after the first 50kph you can stop doing the cooling procedure and just ride nonstop but dont go fast!) and hopefully you will get more out of yours than me, also make sure you replace all the bolts and nuts on the engine as they are junk and will break! also a new spark plug after you break it in. good luck!
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    real nice video! hopefully you'll be back on the road again soon. i was bored to death when my bike was out of commission for a week so i can feel your pain.
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    yeah im hoping i can get it working but im also thinking of just throwing an old verticle shaft lawn mower engine with a centrifugal clutch and weld the ****ed thing to my frame, should be good but i think im going to need to go with a 4 stroke Honda or something thats reliable.
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    Thanks for the advice and man your bike hauls! Fix that thing, great video.