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    I was riding today and notice a squeaking noise coming from the clutch cover area. I took the clutch cover off to check whats up.

    I remove all the clutch pad (which are basically new) and noticed that the Big Bevel clutch Wheel is loose. If i put one finger on one side of the bevel wheel and one on the other side of the bevel wheel it is wiggle. I can see the ball bearings between the clutch base and bevel clutch wheel.

    Is this normal?
    Has anybody else had this problem.

    I was looking at someone's photo's (don't remember who's) and they had tack welded theirs. I have uploaded a photo of where they tack welded it so you know what i'm talking about..

    The purple circles indicate tack welds

    If you could answer it would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you for your time and reading.:bowdown:

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    Those tiny bearings, I think 80, or 50, not sure, but replace them with,
    oioiozzyozzy quality bearings. 3mm, but check, ages since I done one of those.

    When you tap off the plate from the other side where the 3 prongs are, have a bowl underneath cos those bearings go flying. You need to count how many are in there. Buy extra, cos few might be missing and there is a wide gap between the end of the bearing count. That's why those numbers come up, somewhere I read they counted 50 and needed 80 to fill it right. If you add extra bearing to fill the gap, leave one or two out to allow for heat expansion

    With the new bearings, plenty of high quality-extreme hi temp. grease.
    I call it "Moomba Grease", if ya ever worked at the Moomba Gas fields, it's THAT grease they use on the 24/7 motors up there. Very Hi Temp.

    Now here's the take.
    These bearings, if they sieze up, the whole thing will be totally stuffed, cos the china steel the bearings run on is cheap cheap, it's not even bearing steel or correctly hardened. I hope one day this area of the clutch assembly is sorted and a proper one can be made available. It may get rid of all that noise, or lessen the noise

    The other thing, once bitten twice shy, is to never wash the clutch area just to make it look good. Cos ya wash out the so called lubrication, if any, that's in there,it seizes up!
    The reason they don't seize, cos not enough bearings and too loose to seize up anyway, so just gets noisier.
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