need a throttle

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by tob4000, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. tob4000

    tob4000 New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a used throttle/killswitch assembly. A used one
    would be great to keep the cost down.
    Thank you

  2. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    The kill switches that come with these chinese kits dont last long. You can use a thumb shifter from an old mountain bike as a throttle. Universal kill switch buttons are available at power sports shops and will last much longer than those that are shipped with china girl motors.
  3. tob4000

    tob4000 New Member

    Perhaps, I just got lucky, because my yellow kill switch button has worked
    great for the past 3 years of commuting. I also have left this same bike out
    at the bottom of my stairs for 2 winters of the three years riding it.
    To this day, if you just barely brush up against the switch, you hear the
    spark hesitate. I think it's just a matter of taking a look at the switch internals when you first buy them to make sure it's all working right. I feel the throttle and switch always seem to get a bad rap when for me, they work really well.
  4. tob4000

    tob4000 New Member

    Still looking, anyone have one they don't want? I need the little metal elbow with the locknut as well.
  5. goodtime65

    goodtime65 Member

    the elbow and nut are part of the throttle cable
  6. tob4000

    tob4000 New Member

    I custom size all of my cables. so this hasn't really been an issue for me. but thanks. I'm an ex bicycle mechanic. I used to work for Trek. so I don't really need all this great advice. I just need a throttle.
  7. DuctTapedGoat

    DuctTapedGoat Active Member

    What happened to your throttle assembly?
  8. CMP26

    CMP26 New Member

    Ill sell you a throttle
  9. tob4000

    tob4000 New Member

    My throttle assembly still works great. I'm building up a chinese cargo trike and I have everything I need except for the throttle assembly.
    This will be my sixth build. I have a side job as an appliance installer for Sears, Home Depot, and Best Buy. This trike has a 250kg weight rating and runs turn of the century motorcycle size wheels and 10 gauge spokes. It'll only use 10% of the gas I normally use to do this job. :grin5: