Sprockets Need a very large sprocket (help please)



I need a sprocket that is approximately 2 to 4 inches larger in diameter than a standard 44t happy time kit sprocket. Any source?

Will a bicycle sprocket work?

This will be used as a ghost/tensioner sprocket and I have sat a bicycle sprocket inside the motor chain and it seems like it would work but I havn't yet put one to the test.

Any ghost "experts" out there?

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8:56 AM
Jun 10, 2008
you can see my ghosted bike unde "its alive" and yes a bicycle sprocket will work fine, getting that much larger is going to be the prolbem, the answer you don't have to go huge. a 52t is the largest common cycle chainring, but you can get as big as 73 from hostel shop $$$$$ the 52 should more than cover you
The key is moving it back and forth, toward motor = more tension, toward wheel less tension.
Honest,ly I would get some of the cool looking chainwheels you can get for a bmx in a 48t