Need advice for a reliable engine kit

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  1. I need some advice for a reliable engine kit.In short,Who sells the most reliable engine kit and great customer service?I need a set up that can handle 30 to 40 mph and more Importantly,Actually have the ability to go long distances(State to state).Any replies or product recommendation would be helpful.Thank you:ack2:

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    For a motorized bike, almost all states require an engine of less than 50cc for legality.

    You specify reliable, long distance operation. This would tend to force the engine to be a 'name brand,' (i.e. Honda/Robbin Suburu/Mitsubishi/Tanaka) and not a knock-off.

    You're probably looking at a Staton, GEBE, or EZM kit.

    For long distance riding, 4 strokes are more convenient, as you don't need to premix the gas.

    One last point - you also specify 30-40 MPH. This, coupled with the other specifications, is probably going to force you into a 49cc Honda (or knockoff) engine. Also note that bike laws very widely by state, but many have standardized on a 20 MPH upper limit, with a few on a 30 MPH limit. If you go over those limits, it's quite possible that you can be charged with driving an unregistered/uninsured vehicle... :(
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  3. I know the speed laws.Here they are 30 mph.And I will be careful not to speed unless I have to be somewhere pronto.And I just like knowing I can do 30 to 40 In case I have to keep up with traffic on the local roads.Most time I will be doin 20.If staton had In frame mounted set ups I would consider them.I just don't like the engine on the rack concept.And I hear gebe and grubee have crappy gear boxes.I am debating between ezm and thatsdax titan set up.
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    GEBE has no gearbox - theirs is the toothed-sprocket/synchronous drive belt, rack mount approach. Very reliable. But, it's rack mount.
  5. I see loquin.forgive my ignorance,I am just going nutty trying to find something Reliable.I prefer In frame mounts for cool looks but,I may decide to do a dual suspension bike and go with a rack mount systemIs there a reason most quality engines seem to be rack mounted?I just can't understand why there are no In frame mounted set ups available from gebe or staton.Must be a reason.And If these are better than what I have dealt with.I would have to swallow my pride and buy one I guess.I thank everyone for their guidance and on the 28th I will research your recommendations and buy a good outfit.
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    I never recommend any dealer. Just my way of doing things. But, for reliable engines ; = Honda , Robin-Subaru , Tanaka, Mitsubishi.
    SLOW down & enjoy life.
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    Rack mount is simpler and cheaper to do. Check out EZM.
  8. ezm nice professor,I just do not have 600 bucks to Invest In a motor and 800 for the honda version.I may be able to borrow some cash to get this.I can become a rep and get It for 459 bucks.But,I would have to answer the phone all day and Invest In ezmkits.I do not have the capita or own a business to do this.I may get an ezm.If I cannot afford that,I will have to go with Titan 50 or maybe pirate cycles.I worry over the fact you usually get what you pay for.I have another week to decide on ezm,thatsdax,or pirate cycles.Any of your Input would be appreciated.I plan on going state to state and really leery about breaking down at 500 miles like I did when I had china girl engines.
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    Along with reliability comes customer service and someone who stands behind their products and engines...

    By no means am I singling out one specific vendor or brand here, but let me say that Duane from "thats dax" and the infamous titan engine has a level of customer service that is unseen these days in our world.

    If there is a problem or issue with his engine or product, he will walk you thru it or exchange it for you with his warranty.

    Please also consider customer service when choosing a final make for yourself!
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    Northern Tool has Honda 50CC for about $340.00. I have a Honda 35 that I paid like $220.00 delivered. I agree with others, if you want quality, dependability and longevity, go for a Japaness engine. Go to and click on the "engine info" tab. There are several links to sites that sell both Japanese and Chinese engines that can be had. That's a start for engine info at least. I got my Honda GX35 from one of them. Like I said, I paid like $220.00 delivered. The cheapest I found from a local dealer was $350.00. Pays to do your homework. Good luck !
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    I also recommend these engines. For the best deal, buy them USED at this site, from someone who's simply moving on to other options.

    You'll get a great deal this way.:idea: These motors usually have less than a thousand miles, so they're still in top condition.
  12. I am debating between pirate cycles,northern tool,And buying used.I have 7 more days to make up my mind.Thank you everyone for your advice
  13. 5-7HEAVEN

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    There is an ad on this site for a used Dimension Edge kit without engine. It is an excellent design; if you can get a good deal here, a used Subaru would make a good combination.
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    I just bought that :)

    I've been trying to find out information about the disign of the Dimension Edge, but it's really hard to find much, like if they are all 'shift on the fly' and clutchless?

    I guess I will find out when it gets here. :)